New Guinness Book of World Record!

17 Aug


Who knew when I started this triathlon Journey with my fear of open water that I would find myself in the Guinness book of World Records! Well that is exactly what happened this past Saturday August 19, 2013 when I was a part of The Longest Human Chain Across A Body Of Water World Record.  Not only was I a part of it, but I was put with the stronger swimmer group and place toward the middle of the Lake.

As what happens to the best laid plans, we ended up being short the required amount of people to make the crossing.  Did this shortage stop this determined group of people?  Absolutely not!  We started recruiting people who just came to watch the event.  This was great because my son, daughter and significant other all got to participate in the record.

The event was hosted in part to honor the Man O’ War Special Olympics Swim Team and to raise money for the special olympics.  We were able to raise a total of almost $8,000 to this more than worthy cause of super olympians.

After the world record accomplishment, Doc Lucky opened up the Lake for the morning swimming.  I started out to do my usual 3 crossings when I happened upon a woman who had bit off more than they could chew and could not make it back across the Lake.  I ended up assisting her this 500 meter trek across the Lake.  My reward for helping her through this dire situation was receiving one of the most heart felt hugs that I’ve ever had.  She referred to me as her Angel and that is (to quote Doc Lucky himself) another thing money just can’t buy.

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