Stationary Bike Ride

10 Mar


I had to change up my schedule a little bit, due to lack of sleep and family schedule.  I realized after falling asleep and crashing on my bike after working all night and trying to ride 50 miles that I need to be a lot more careful.  So, today I did an hour stationary bike ride with high intensity.  I started out with a 5 min warm-up, then one legged peddaling for 1 min each leg.  Then at the 10 minute mark I try to reach the maximum cadence (pedal rotation) I can for one minute.  Then at the next 5 minute interval I try to pedal on the hardest gear I can for 1 minute.  Between each set I try to maintain at least an 80rpm cadence.

This is a great all around bike workout.  The change variety keeps it from being boring, and my legs are on fire after this type of workout.  Don’t get me wrong, I’d much rather be out on the open road, but we need to put in a decent amount of bike trainer work to improve as a cyclist.  Often times it’s hard to re-create uninterrrupted peddaling on the open road due to dangers, stops, pedestrians etc.

  • 1-5 mins = warmup
  • 5-6 min mark right legged rotations (to smooth out pedal stroke)
  • 6-7 min mark left legged rotations
  • 7-10 min mark maintain 80rpm cadence
  • 10-11 min high cadence max out
  • 11-15 mark maintain 80rpm cadence
  • 15-16 min smallest/hardest gear smash
  • Wash rinse and repeat for 1 hour.
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