Lucky’s Lake July 4th crossings 2000 meters with a bike and run

04 Jul

First crossing was the usual struggle. Feeling exhausted, mental fatigue from stroke review. I actually was going to only swim one crossing. Got out and talked to Eric and Russ for 15 minutes or so. Then I decided to see if I could at least cross the Lake one time without stopping. Well, I did even better than that with two crossings without stopping. Interestingly, my time was not any faster by not stopping! I guess the few breaks allow me to have more good strokes and more faster swim segments? Need to analyze.

WU: 20-30′ @ 65-70%/Zone1 to 2/Easy. MS1: 3 x 8′ (4′) 95-100%/Zone4/Hard, 10′ Easy. MS2: 2 x 10′ (5′) @ 80-85%/Zone3/Mod-Hard. MS3: Remainder of available time @ 70-75%/Zone2/Steady. WD: 10′ Easy spin. It ws very hard and impossible to even get in zone 4, let alone stay in zone 4. I’m really starting to think I need to re-calculate my zones.

Run @ z2/MP/Steady out and back. Questions about my knee holding up to the increase of running. I promise to listen closely to my body and not be a slave to the schedule. Which is admittedly hard for me to not try to follow it by the letter of the law.

Well looky here a min triathlon of sorts. 2000 meter swim, 5k run (almost) hour and a half training ride.

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