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05 Jul

Endurance Nation

Ok, so I’ve been feeling a bit erratic and haphazard with my training lately. Yes, I’ve been training hard, yes, I’ve been swimming, biking and running and Yoga, and stretching and chiropractic care and weight training and scouring the Internet for training gems of wisdom. Therein this randomness lies the problem with my training. I think I have reached a saturation point with my self coaching/training for Ironman Arizona 2014.

Then, I came across a Podcast by Endurance Nation that detailed specific how to’s regarding my Ironman race. I was impressed with the amount of detail and information the training group dispatched. I decided to give the program a 7 day trial and I was hooked after the first day of training. I had been using my Garmin 910xt for about two years, but EN’s training program “woke-up” my Garmin to being used in a way I had never knew before. I started tracking SWOLF scores during workouts and running/biking by interval tones on my watch to either speed up or slow down.

It is nice to have purposeful workouts too. I feel a lot more organized and prepared for my workouts with my training calendar only a touch away.

There is a bit of a learning curve while you learned their training lingo and review all of the how to videos. Getting through this learning curve has caused me to get behind on posting my training results and blogging about my daily experiences. I promise to do better…..

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