My very own triathlon day

12 Jul

Ok, so as I mentioned I’m now following an Endurance Nation (EN) prescribed training plan.  The only problem with this is that my ritualistic Lucky’s Lake swim does not fit to nicely into my new program.  EN is heavily focused on biking and running,  with some swimming.  I still feel “called” to do my Lucky’s swim, so today ended up being a swim, bike and run day.  At the time I didn’t realize I would be doing my own special version of a triathlon race.

I did a 2000 meter swim, 3 mile run and 33 mile bike ride. The bike ride was in a torrential thunderstorm with bolts of lightning and rain that felt like needles.  It was awesome riding in the pouring down rain!  I just pretended that one of my races was raining and we had to compete anyways.  A good lesson learned for me if I’m going to possibly get caught in the rain, I should wear my aero helmet as it does a much better job at protecting me from the rain than a regular bike helmet.  I saw two peacocks cross my path at different times along the day, how rare is that?

I need to start making sleeping a much bigger priority with these heavy biking and running session if I am to have good workouts.

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