2400 meter swim at Downtown YMCA

25 Jul

This was a suck it up and swim day. After working all night till 7am, I had the good excuse of needing to be up till 10 am to go to David’s Cycle World to check on a lost cell phone. What better way to spend a couple of hours than to get my swim workout on.  As tired as I was, I actually did pretty good. I met a couple of triathletes who shared stories about different races. I sacrificed some swim time for some much needed social interaction.

One thing i enjoy about the Downtown YMCA is the pool depth is the same all the way across.  Whereas, the Roper and Dr. Phillips YMCA pools start shallow and then go deep.  I always have to readjust my body position when the water starts to get deeper or shallower.

On a mental note, things have been pretty bad in my life.  This singular focus of “triathloning” is really starting to impact my normal life routine.  I feel like I need to take a week off and just clean, organize, plan and rest.  But there is no rest for the weary, and I have to keep the train moving down the track.  When I do have some time, I’m spending it with the kids and trying to maximize my time with them.  I had a mental meltdown today, and seriously thought about quitting this “trilife”.  My finances are strained, my relationships are strained, my bikes are damaged and my environment is completely disorganized.

But I feel so alive when I’m training outside with nature.  I have come to really know myself, my strengths and weakness.  I can honestly see why few chase their dreams, because it is really hard to stay on the path.  Life really does throw challenges at you and if your support system is weak, you will be exposed and quite possibly defeated.

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