Change in the schedule

29 Jul

Endurance nation finally responded to my email and what I expect it is true I need to rest more.  Coach patrick has strongly suggested that I have one day off during the week and he also scheduled in my lucky lake swim the only problem is I’m not sure how to manually input everything again which is what I was trying to avoid.

Now I feel lost in the woods I have a direction but I’m not sure how to take the steps big step small steps I’ll figure it out.


Here is the Endurance Nation’s reply to my question regarding scheduling.

Glad you are reaching out. Super important that you take 1 day a week off. That little sleep is going to hurt you long term (fitness and lifestyle-wise) and it’s just not worth it. I suggest you plan on one day off each week, see below for my version unless you have a better option!

Re your saddle…no such thing as a comfy one…only one that works for you!!! Do you wear bike shorts? And do you use chamois cream? Without those two things, no saddle will be comfortable. Also curious to know if you seat might be too high or low…but let me know about #1 and #2 first…

We are working on a Minimalist Ironman Plan right now, so here’s the light version until it’s live for you to see / print / modify (very soon):

Mon – FTP Ride (will be a VO2 ride, but FTP for now, you can just repeat it), short brick run.
Tues – Swim only day, go a bit longer here.
Wed – Saturday long bike, brick run.
Thu – Long Run
Fri – Day OFF
Sat – Lake Swim, afternoon FTP ride, can be on trainer.
Sun – Interval Run.

This gets you 3 quality bikes, 2 quality runs + 2 brick runs, 2 good swims.

Let’s start here…let me know what you think!

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