A swim/run kind of day

01 Aug

My day started out with a hurried swim at Lucky’s Lake.  I was a little late on my arrival and all swimmers were already to the first buoy by the time I arrived.  I swam really relaxed the first crossing and met Eric on the rest side.  We chatted a little too long, and then took off across to come back.  We somehow ended up trying to keep pace with someone with fins on.  I quickly noticed my heart rate racing and my peace leaving.  LOL  I must learn to relax and be at one with the water.  The more relaxed I swim the faster I swim and the more I enjoy it.

I got some rest and ran some errands with the kids.  Then it was time for my long run of the week.  This was a really tough workout. I set my Garmin with only 30secs margin of variance on my pace. I kept looking down at my watch, because I could swear I was moving much faster than the watch was reporting. Every muscle in my body is sore, but my back spasms from earlier in the week have subsided a little. As long as I don’t bend down, I can manage the pain. Hopefully, my pace will quicken with subsequent workouts. I did swim a 1000 meters earlier in Lucky’s Lake so I’m sure my legs suffered a little.  I think my feet are sore from running in my Pearl Izumi’s versus my ON’s.

On a side note, Zoey (my Tri bike) is still in the shop getting new cabling, wheels, shifting components and aerobars.  She should be really sweet when I get her back.  But my bike workouts have been non-existent.  I’m sure my fitness will come back pretty quick.  I was really starting to feel stronger on the bike, but I don’t think my back could handle being in the aero position for that long.

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