My best swim day at Lucky’s Lake (#186) and a speed bike workout

09 Aug

wpid-20140809_074339.jpg wpid-20140809_074342.jpg


I had a hectic and busy night working prior to my ritualistic Saturday morning swim at Lucky’s Lake.  My swim started smooth and relaxed and stayed that way the entire swim.  Where I normally am tired and gasping for air before the first buoy, I was feeling strong and relaxed.  I even started with the main group of people, passing and bumping into others along the way to a smooth and relaxed crossing.  When I say smooth and relaxed, I am really referring to not stopping or flipping on my back.  I am realizing having a great swim start is about staying relaxed and starting out slower than normal and picking up the pace.  Just like running, what a concept.  LOL

I could only do one crossing due to my son’s basketball games starting at 9:30.  After watching his game and before the 2pm start of my daughter’s game I had about an hour and a half to get my ride in and say goodbye to the final summer league basketball games, I was off to the speed portion of my bike workout.  Even though i was rushed and not having any water to start with I was still feeling really strong (luckily I can fuel along the West Orange Trail.  I was able to maintain all of my HR goals and really felt like I could do more.  I am really liking the adjustment to my schedule where the heavier workout days are on the days I am not working (Wednesday and Thursday morning).  I’m feeling more refreshed and energized instead of overwhelmed and tired.  It is good to have coaching feedback.

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