An epic Garmin 910xt watch failure

16 Aug
Not exactly a Timex

Doesn’t exactly keep on ticking

So i noticed this small earring looking thing on my car seat.  Only to discover that it was a missing lap button on my Garmin watch.  Oh no!  I really need my Garmn watch to really take advantage of my training.  I tried to pop it back in and the button would not stay in so I taped it in.  I was hoping for a sealed waterproof watch even with a button missing.  Well I was wrong, the watch lasted for the first crossing and was waterlogged by the second crossing.

This is my second Garmin for crying out loud.  How much money do I have to keep investing just to keep what I already have?  Arrgh, so frustrating.

Well the good news for only another $99 dollars Garmin will ship me a refurbed model.  This brings the current grand total of my Garmin investment to

$459 original watch (quick connected to the bottom of the lake)

$259 Craigslist steal of a deal

$105 Garmin deal replacement


$823 Grand Total primary Garmin “Stock Like” investment


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