Devil’s crafted 5K speed time trial run in 90 degree unshaded heat

24 Aug

Made the smart decision to not run right after work in the morning as I was very tired and falling asleep at the table.  Got a decent amount of sleep (4hrs).  Looked like it was going to be an overcast possibly rainy run.  Perfect, as the temperature was hoovering in the 90 to 95 range and I could use a little shade and water.  However, as the training Gods decided the shade barely lasted through my warmup routine and sun came out in full blaze as soon as I made it to Ocoee High School to begin my 5k time trial run.  This 5K had the combination of scorching sun and running into a headwind on the east side of the track.  Unbelievable!  lol  

Well I survived the run, but it was very hot and draining.  I played a mental game with myself pretending to race against Macca and the Brownlee brothers to keep my pace up during he last two laps.  I was also concentrating on not letting my cadence get below 85 spm’s.  

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