Reverse Brick half hour run followed by a 50 mile bike ride

03 Sep
We need more signs like this on the roadways

We need more signs like this on the roadways



So Endurance Nation has the concept of running before your bike ride so you can avoid running injuries and focus on running form on some days.

After dropping the kiddies off from school, I head out in the already 90 degree heat for two half mile sprints and a zone 2 run.  After my run, I hydrate and hop on my bike for an almost 4 hour “smoker”.  I think I need to travel with 3 bottles, two hard frozen as I am twice as thirsty as I think I’m going to be and the ice melts twice as fast as it should.  Otherwise, I felt really strong during my ride.  I did stop a Winter Garden Wheel Works for some mocha flavored GU gels.  As I mentioned earlier, the gels seems to satisfy me and not cause any bowel irritations.

I rode to my favorite place which is Sugarloaf mountain, due to all the hills and great workout you put your legs through.  Looking forward to another 3 hour trainer and brick run tomorrow.  sheesh

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