A failed training day on many levels

04 Sep

So today was supposed to be long “weekend” training day.  The only problem with this strategy is that I worked last night due to a shift change.  Actually I got no sleep yesterday, worked all night and then had a long 3 hour bike ride and hill repeat run on the schedule today.  I was feeling very tired and not up for a big workout, but I didnt’ want to move my rest day up a day.  BIG MISTAKE!!!!  Always listen to your body, when the body says rest by all means rest.  I however, did not rest I pushed through the sleepiness, I pushed through the tired achy body and pushed forward when I should have rested.

All the signs were there to take the day off.  I left my frozen water bottles at work, so I had no real hydration for my long bike ride.  I convinced myself that I would find water along the way and that it would be enough.  I did find water along the way, but it wasn’t enough to counter the heat.

My hill repeats run started out pretty good (sans a Garmin watch malfunction). This pre-bike run was short and sweet but still challenging.  Next up was the 3 hour bike ride in the hot hot sun.  My crotch was still a little irritated from yesterday’s 50 mile ride. I still haven’t solved this issue, but have it narrowed down to either the seat or needing better shorts. I felt a little lethargic, but was still moving along pretty good.  However, when I reached about my half way point my body began to break down almost immediately.  I felt like I could not continue anymore, possibly dehydrated I wondered.  I had thoughts of calling someone to “come get me”.  Luckily, my halfway point is a Walgreen’s pharmacy.  I stopped in for a potty break and to get something…anything that would pick me up.  I had heard stories of coke being a life saver on many an Ironman course.  So I grabbed a coke, a water, a Gatorade (which I put back), bag of chips for salt and a payday candy bar (again for salt).  I sat on the floor by the display of cokes and tried to gather my composure.  The cashier called a “code 1 to the front”, so I hurriedly got up and went outside.  I later learned that she just needed change front he register.  LOL  I didn’t want them trying to cart me off somewhere.

I valiantly got back on the bike and began in earnest to ride back.  I felt much better having some food and liquid in my stomach.  I have learned that I can’t eat solid food when exercising and I began to throw up the food while ride back home.  I’m sure most of it came back up by the time I reached my car.  Anyways, I gutted out the remainder of my bike ride.  What kept me going?  I just simply wanted to complete the workout.  At about mile 15, there was some kind of snake in the middle of my path sitting up the way a viper snake would.  I very cautiously eased around this menacing looking snake.  I took this as a symbol of my 6 hour training day of death.

With about 10 miles to completion I get a flat tire. I had the wrong spare inner tube, the wrong tube adapter to put air in the tire.  I had changed wheels and neglected to put the special adapter tools and inner tube on my bike that the new wheels require.  Arrgh could anything else go wrong today?  I had to call someone to bring me my other front wheel so I could get home.  All in all my training day started at 10am and finished at 4pm!  That’s a long day of training.  I also thought I had the night off from work, only to be reminded that I had to work.  Crap another day of about 4 hours of sleep.

Looking forward to my day off from training tomorrow.


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