Decided to swim the first leg of my IMAZ 2.4 miles

13 Sep
Another beautiful day at the lake

Another beautiful day at the lake

A good swim crowd

A good swim crowd


Since my son’s soccer game wasn’t until 10:30am, I had plenty of time to swim 3 crossings of Lucky’s lake.  I had a quiet night at work, so I was feeling well rested.  I decided that I still need more exposure to bumping and mixing it up in the water with other swimmers, so I took off when the main group and biggest section of swimmers.  I normally let the swimmers take off and then find my clear unobstructed path to swim in.  Not this time, I immediately encountered someone literally zig zagging in the water.  I couldn’t figure out what the heck he was doing and this “weird behavior” totally threw me off my game.  In retrospect, I should have just slowed down and let him tire himself out.  But I stopped and watched him in amazement as he swam in a z pattern across the lake.

After shaking the zagger off, I couldn’t settle down to my normal swim flow.  I was even on my back a couple of times today (something I loathe doing now).  After gathering my composure on the otherside, I settled down into a decent rythm.  I still keep mixing two swim styles together and it has not been an effective strategy.  I need to see my swim coach again very soon.  I keep going between the shorter stroke early entry catch, versus the more relaxed hand entry, bring the arms up and then throw them out in front of me.  Hopefully in the next two weeks, I will have schedule another visit with my swim coach.

The remaining two crossings I decided to swim with a child’s size buoy to concentrate on my form.  The middle crossing was the best, as I was able to settle into a pretty good rythm.

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