Running speed work sub 8 minute mile

14 Sep

After run glow


Hot stone treatment


A well earned massage for sore muscles

A well earned massage for sore muscles



Ok, so today was a speed work day.  I had to complete two 1 mile interval runs at max pace.  After working all night, I was amazed that I was able to run a sub 8 minute mile.  I believe this is the first time I have run a mile under 8 minutes in a couple of decades.  I guess my speed training is starting to pay off.  However for my second mile interval, I was feeling a little gassed and decided to stick to my goal of running at an 8:34/mile pace which I was able to do.  With about 200 yards to go, I felt a sharp pain in my right knee.  Silly me tried to keep running to get my 8:30/mile pace.  I should have just stopped and started walking, but no always trying to push the envelope.

A wise person knows when to shut it down.  At the end of the day, does it really matter if I kept a 8:30/mile pace if I increase an injury to do it?  Cmon man!!!

My body is feeling beat up, so I decided to get a well overdue massage.  It’s actually my first massage since training for the Ironman this year.  The massage felt amazing, by a caring and sweet masseur name Ada.

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