Endurance Nation 5K speed test run

21 Sep

My new On shoes! Absolute knee savers.


My new favorite after work run spot Blue Jacket Park

On the schedule for today was a 5K test run.  From the test run scores, I input the time taken to run a 5K and it helps calculate my run training pace (VDOT) for the next phase of training.  The key is to try to keep everything the same as much as possible from one 5K test to the next.

So why am I on a new track, with new shoes, and sore from the doing almost a half Ironman on Thursday.  Not exactly the ideal scenario for doing an all out 5K run.  I felt pretty good during my run.  However, I remember thinking I could run faster than my feet would move.  C’mon feet lets get moving, but they would go no faster as my eventual time was slower than the last time I did the test.  I must admit I was a bit sad as my training is supposed to be making me stronger, but as I mentioned before I added too many elements to really compare the two races.

Those who have been following my blog know that I have been in desperate need of a new pair of running shoes.  As a matter of fact, I attribute my knee and hip flexor issues to worn down running shoes.  Well much to my delight, my first official sponsor bought me a pair of my favorite On running shoes.  Much thanks to Lisa Jo Clemons who has supported me with words of encouragement and now financial assistance.  A sincere thank you!!

Up next in my training is the 40 minute bike test and a pretty light week training wise.

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