Check out my 81.8 mi Ride

25 Sep

One of the many snakes I always see when I ride or run in Florida.


This ride was filled with obstacles, but this is ridiculous!


From a bit cool to hot to torrential downpour.


Generation Ucan my new meal on wheels

Check out my 81.8 mi Ride on Strava:

Another long training day scheduled.  I had a 40 minute run with a couple of half mile sprints mixed in, followed by a 4.5 hour (81.8 mile) bike ride.  Really had to think about doing this run or not.  Always the balance between pushing the envelope or airing on the side of caution.  My hip flexor and knee had been bothering me, so I compromised and wore knee braces and listened to my body for any signs of excessive pain.

My biking goal was to maintain a steady Z2 heart rate.  I just couldn’t pass up zooming in certain spots!  No major aches or pains during this ride.  I think I’m getting to where I need to be for IMAZ.  One of the more controversial “time savers” that the pros use is peeing while on the bike.  I just had a mental block to releasing myself in anything other than a good tree or the bathroom.

I set a goal on this ride to try peeing on my bike.  My last long ride was peppered with way too many stops to the little boys room.  I really was amazed at how well I could hold my urine while riding.  It must be riding in the aero position or perhaps the seat cutting off the piping?  In any event, even though I could tell I had to go my body wouldn’t let me.

If I took myself off the bike, I could go right then and there.  But I held it, because I wanted to pee while riding the bike.  Then it hit me, why not try standing up and coasting to see if that would relax me enough to start the flow?  Whalah! As soon as I stood on the pedals, the pee flowed.  I thought the pee would be all in my socks, but the compression shorts seemed to regulate the flow somewhat.  I had a little down my legs of course, but nothing in my shoes or socks.  Think of the time savings I could employ while doing my triathlons!  Just like the pros do it.  I got the idea from Chrissie Wellington’s podcast.  By the time I slow my bike down, dismount off my bike, sit my bike against something so that it doesn’t fall, wait in line, lower my shorts etc you’re talking several minutes times however many times you must stop over a 7 to 8 hour period.  It could be as much as a half hour!

Long rides are for experimentation, so I also tried a new nutrition product called Generation Ucan.  I found it to be easy on the stomach with no reflux or nasty after taste.  The Ucan did not satisfy my hunger however and I was left with hunger pangs.  My Gu jel packs still see to fit the bill for satisfying my hunger and giving me a boost.  The Ucan did help sustain my energy and I think a combination of the two would do me well.

This ride was mixed with chilly weather when I started, changing to hot and concluding with a torrential downpour to finish out the days activities.  Only 19 more miles and I would have been at 100!  IMAZ here I come!  The main goal now is to not do anything stupid like crash on my bike or get some nagging injury.


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