A failed bike ride.

29 Sep

My old beat up bike shoes

My new bike shoes

My new bike shoes

So, I was really looking forward my bike speedwork this week.  My last bike ride was an 82 mile soaker in the pouring down rain.  I get everything ready, clothes, cream, nutrition, helmet? Check!  Bike shoes?  Um where are my bike shoes?  I proceeded to look for my bike shoes for the next 3 hrours!  But they are no where to be found.

I must have placed my bike shoes on top of the car to put the bike in the garage and then forgot all about them.  Upon waking that night to go to work, it’s dark, so I don’t see the shoes on the car and drive off.  Probably sending my shoes tumbling down the street never to be seen or heard from again.

I spent so much time looking and relooking for my bike shoes, that after 3 hours,  I had no time (or mental energy) to do anything else like swim, run, yoga, or stretching.  The training day was totally wasted.  I did use the remained of the day to take my old beat up bike shoes to the LBS and see if they could put some cleats on them and just use those?  They were really nice, but firm and told me that they couldn’t in good conscience put me back in my old shoes.  They told me that they would give me a discounted deal on a pair of new ones.  They told me that they know that my Ironman race means too much to me to put me into some old raggety shoes that will probably cause me some problems down the road.

I hated spending the money I didn’t have, but at this point in the training I felt like I had no choice.  There is always a silver lining in the cloud if you look for it.  My silver lining in this whole issue, is that my lost bike shoes were a little too snug.  I remember telling myself, when its time to get new shoes, that I would get a wider pair that allowed my feet to breathe a little more.  Well my new pair of shoes are wider and a perfect fit for my feet.

I’ll be wearing them for my next 300 minute ride.

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