Half Marathon in the rain (how bad do you want it?)

01 Oct
Pre run cloudiness

Pre run cloudiness


Pre run weight 162?

It rained all 14.1 miles

It rained all 14.1 miles


I call this the “how bad do you want it?” training day.  Dark and cloudy skies upon waking for my big run day.  I knew it would rain on me, but somehow I was hoping to get most of my run in before the majority of the downpour.

However, by the time I stretched out and warmed it was raining when I started and by golly it was still raining when I finished.  A calming, soothing rain?  Of course not, no a torrential soaking me to the bone downpour.  My brand new On shoes that I have only worn for 40 minutes prior to this soaking were soaked through and through.  Your run stride starts to feel a little heavier as your socks and shoes soak up the extra water weight.

This was designed to be a slow and methodical zone 1 marathon pace with 30 minutes of zone 2 and a zone 3 sprint at the end of the 13 miles to simulate the kick at the end of the race.

The one good thing about the consistent downpour is the lack of heat and humidity.  Which reduced the water intake and I felt pretty good and only stopped for water twice and had 1.5 Gu gels.  I didn’t feel like I needed them, but just took them as a precaution.  Normally, I lose anywhere between 3 and 4 lbs of water weight.  Today, I only lost 1.5 lbs of water weight validating my lack of water needs.

Up next 5 hour bike ride tomorrow.

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