“Seeds of doubt” speed work run followed by Swim drills

05 Oct

A crispy cool 66 degree Florida morning


Surprisingly warm water

I had a quiet night at work, so I was hoping to have a great workout morning too.  I really had my doubts about whether I should scrap this workout or not?  I’m suffering through a few nagging aches and pains.  My knees feel better, but now my hip flexor and right hamstring are really sore.  The last thing I want to do is to suffer a severe injury with only 6 weeks before my big Ironman Arizona race.  So I decided to have a really slow warm-up and see how I felt.  After my legs were warmed up, I was able to run ok.  As a matter of fact, I surprised myself by running the fastest lap of my age group on Strava!

I’m still trying to have the wisdom of when to push and when to shut it down?  When am I just being a wimp and when do I push past the pain and cause possible more harm than good.

Drill swimming at Rollins College

A cool Florida morning, but the water was surprisingly warm.  Lots of one arm drills (which Garmin doesn’t pick up).  For anyone struggling with their swim form, one arm drills are fantastic to use for analysis and correction.  One arm drills have helped me improve my catch, relax my breathing, concentrate on the palm of my hand always facing towards the back of the pool and to relax my feet to get a more fluttery kick.  How one drill can address all this is amazing to me and I have to thank coach Kerry Simmons for her brilliant insight.

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