Factory recall, dead battery, Ace Hardware McGuyver Ride and a 5 mile run

17 Oct
Snapped off aerobar

Snapped off aerobar

This is what the manufacturer means by safety recall.

This is what the manufacturer means by safety recall.

Riding by one of the last Florida triathlons of the season.

Riding by one of the last Florida triathlons of the season.

Goats and chickens along for the ride

Goats and chickens along for the ride


A welcome view at the end of a long day of training.

My day started innocently enough with a 5 mile run. Then all hell broke loose with an aero bar break, nutrition error and a bike cadence malfunction.

Let’s start with the run.  I had on the schedule a 40 minute run before my 4 hour bike ride.  My good friend Sincy decided to run with me to keep me company.  Sincy had a course picked out that he thought would be ideal for the time and distance I needed to cover.  The only thing he forgot to tell me was that it was rolling hills.  LOL

I felt really good after the run, but was ready to get on with the bike as I could feel my energy slipping away after working all night.  Performing the usual bike checks (which I highly recommend)…….

  1. brakes
  2. tire pressure and condition
  3. visual inspection for anything loose

I noticed my left aero bar bracket was a bit loose.  So I tried to tighten up the bolt and it just spinned round and round.  Crap a stripped bolt on my aerobar.  Using my McGuyver like ingenuity, I thought of a way to temporarily bolt the bracket on.  After spending way too much time at Ace Hardware, I had all the parts I needed to rig the bracket on.

But by this time I was really hungry from my run and I hadn’t plannned on losing a couple of hours due to bike repair.  I had a decision to make.  Eat a little something now or wait, because I’m not going to be able to eat like this during Ironman.  I decided to wait, which ended up being a  decision to suffer.  I went from hungry to absolutely starving to death.

The “jimmy rigged” bracket slowly loosened over the course of the ride, and really had me a little worried that it would snap off again.  My legs felt tired, I felt tired from the earlier run, working all night and deciding not to eat.  Plus one can’t calculate the added stress of worrying about your bike handle bars breaking off.

At the end of it all, one more training session in the books.

Lessons learned

  1. never train hungry
  2. no matter how rough the road, the day always comes to an end.

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