The longest swim of my life 3.2 miles!!

18 Oct


And their off...

And their off…

A light fog on the lake the am

A light fog on the lake the am

Today I had on the schedule to swim the following agenda.  So basically, I had to swim my race distance today.

WU: 200.
MS: 3800m or 4200yds, as 400 hard, to simulate a race start, then settle into race pace effort for remainder. Record total time and pace per 100m/y.
CD: 200 Easy.
Total: ~4400.
Coach Notes:
Technique Focus: The Catch — think “fingertips down, climb the ladder.”


The advice is that if the swim is going to be wetsuit legal, then by all means practice swimming in your wetsuit.  Now historically, I am quite comfortable and swim easier in my wetsuit due to the added buoyancy.  I haven’t used it since the waters warmed up the early part of this year.

The advice is to also to make sure you warm up very well before settling into your main swim set.  I mistakenly decided that I didn’t need any warmup time and proceeded to swim.  I thought I had taken the necessary time to adjust my wetsuit, but once I started swimming, I had a unexpected panic attack.  It felt like the wetsuit was restricting my movement to the point of panic.  My goggles are wearing out too and are starting to leak and were quite foggy.  I started breathing heavily, and could not get control of myself. I felt like I was back to square one when I first started open water swimming.

I eventually calmed down and told myself I’ve come too far and sacrificed too much to let this be my story for today.  However, I did decide to use the first 500 meters as a “adjustment period” and “official warmup”.  This is the reason for adding the extra swim distance.  Swimming 3 miles is quite and exercise in patience and strength.  The wetsuit while giving me extra buoyancy, restricted my shoulder movement and added extra tension to my stroke causing fatigue.

Lessons learned

  1. Always test the gear you’ll be using before your big event.  Especially if it’s been sitting in a closet unused.
  2. Warmup, warmup, warmup.
  3. Take the extra time to make sure the wetsuit is adjusted properly, as there is no opportunity once you start swimming.
  4. Over lubricate all moving parts legs, shoulders, back of the neck etc to avoid rub burns and improve movement.  Also to make getting the wetsuit on and off easier.
  5. Counting strokes does not work for me to help concentrate
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