Last ride before shipping bike out to Ironman Arizona

05 Nov
I love these beautiful birds

I love these beautiful birds

Failed hydration setup

Failed hydration setup

MaGuyver would be proud

MaGuyver would be proud

Today marked the last test ride before shipping my precious Zoey out to Arizona for the Ironman race.  There is nothing earth shattering on the training schedule, just testing repaired aerobars (which took me 6 hours) and to test the new hydration setup.  The surgically repaired aerobars held up great.  However the new hydration system failed on the first real sizable bump.  Admittedly, I was trying an alternate setup where I turned the bottle around so I could see my Garmin better.  The bottle popped right off after hitting the first hard bump and I had liquid and bottle parts all over the place.  After flipping the setup around as intended I was able to keep the bottle in place, but could not see my Garmin very well.  So I just put the watch on my wrist and left it at that.

This week has been a really light week for me as I take extra precaution to not over do it and take some extra time to let some nagging injuries heal.  I still felt a twinge to my right hip flexor, so I definitely didnt’ want to push it too hard.

I can’t believe this is my last bike ride before Arizona!  After all the long rides, the hills, the heat, the cramps, the nutritonal trial and errors.  The next time I see Zoey will be at the Ironman venue.  Yes, I can feel the butterflies flying!



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