Lake Swim with my homies

28 Feb

From left to right Willie, Sincy and myself

I’ve still been struggling to blog daily.  My life as a single dad and just trying to get in a little exercise on the side has left little time to blog.  Full disclosure here I have not been the best time manager lately.  I’ve found myself wasting way too much time playing on my phone and watching movies.  Maybe I’m trying to catch up from a year of Ironman training, but I have to refocus my priorities.

In addition to wasting my time, I had been eating really crappy lately.  I would say my eating has been whatever the heck I felt like eating with no regard to health or impact on my body.  After being totally disgusted with my eating, I decided to do a lemon master cleanse  for 10 days.  For 10 days I will be only consuming a tonic of lemon, water, cayenne pepper, and maple syrup.  I’m currently on day 6 and after the first two days, I have been able to manage the cleanse with little change in my lifestyle.

I have been swimming, running, biking, and weightlifting just not in a heavy dose.  I hope to post some of my past trainings on this blog, but we will just see how it goes.

So after working all night from 11pm to 7am, I got off work and rushed to Lucky’s Lake for my now ritual open water swim.  I have been swimming all year with no wetsuit.  After the first couple of times, you just embrace the cold temp and keep swimming.  Today was special because I was joined by my homies Willie and Sincy.  Seeing black triathletes is a rare thing indeed, but 3 living within a 3 mile radius is really a blessing.  Both Willie and Sincy are in training for the Haines City half Ironman on April 12th of this year!

The water temp was a balmy 61 degrees, but I swam confidently even though I had been up all night and had no food in my stomach.  For the second set I swam out to the first buoy and back for close to a mile swim.  I’m really starting to find my peace in the water.  I can really allow my body to relax and just enjoy the swim.  I’m so glad I stuck with swimming and didn’t give up when it got discouraging or difficult.

It is now less than 50 days until the South Beach Triathlon Olympic race.   I have not been able to train beastmode style, but I am confident I can improve on my performance since my last Olympic race at Escape to Miami.  We shall see……

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