A superman like effort today

02 Mar

Down goes Zoey, notice the front tubular tire off the rim!


A scruffed up helmet. But thank God I was wearing it.


I don’t’ need a front wheel for the trainer.


One mile barefoot brick with my son.

Today was just one of those days.  After working all night 3rd shift, I decided to go to bed when I got home instead of hopping on my bike for a ride.  The almost 6 hours of sleep refreshed me completely.  The weather was nice when I woke up, so I shuffled about and decided to go for a bike ride.  I get dressed, go out to the garage to get my bike and as soon as the garage door began to open, it started to rain.

Now I’ve never let rain stop me from training.  I’ve been in some torrential downpours and I actually have learned to love the rain.  The idea struck me to just get on the trainer as it might be a safer alternative to riding in the rain.  I quickly shrugged away that voice of reason and started out for my bike ride.

Well, this was setting up to be one of those epic rides.  I’m on day 7 of not eating and my mind and body have become one.  I felt totally intune with my legs, breathing, cadence, everything was clicking.  I get about 3 miles into my ride and I take a corner not terribly fast and the entire bike slid out from under me.  My head made a loud smack against the concrete and I was down for the count.  I had suffered my second bike accident.  As mentioned, I wasn’t going too fast and wondered how I could have lost control in that situation?

Well, upon further review my tubular tire had become unglued from the rim and was partially off the rim!  I scraped myself up off the street and negotiated the tire back on the rim.  I actually started to continue on my way to the rest of my ride when the voice of reason said “boy take yo ass back home!”.

The voice was right, no matter how hardcore I wanted to be I did not know the extent of the damage to my bike or my body.  I turned around and rode very carefully home.  My bike making all kinds of crickety crackety noises and rubbing sounds.  My shoulder was really throbbing and rub road rashed pretty goo.

Once I got back home, I realized that I was ok and that I still needed to complete my training day.  I managed to setup the bike trainer and got a decent one hour workout in.  After the bike ride, I took my son for a barefoot one mile brick run.

After all is said and done today, I feel like superman.  I didn’t let nothing stop me from my training.  Not rain, or crashing my beloved Zoey bike.  There is something powerful in overcoming anything that gets in your way.  So easy to give excuses of why not to do something, when all you need is one reason why to do something.

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