Run a 5K everyday for 365 days?

25 Jul

365 days of running at least 3 miles per day

I’m not sure why the idea popped in my head?  Maybe it was being inspired by the Ironcowboy’s 50 Ironman triathlons in 50 days?  Maybe it was thinking it would be the missing piece to losing those last few stubborn pounds of fat?  Maybe I just want to see if I could do something consistent for such an extended amount of time.

Setting this goal means carving out 30 minutes a day for myself.  A little more than 30 minutes if you count warm-up and stretching.

My official start date was July 4th

This is now day 21

My main concern right now is hip flexor pain.  The only real remedy for hip flexor pain is to stop running for a while.  Not an option, so here we go.  I encountered the hip flexor pain while running 4 miles.  I felt so good running the 4 miles that I decided to stretch the run to 5 miles.  I mean if four is good five has to be better right?  Wrong, the added distance included some rolling hills that was just enough to tweak my hip flexors.  Arrgh, I have not yet learned when to quit.


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