45th straight 5K run only 321 more to go

17 Aug

I had a busy night at work, but wanted to get my run over with so I could rest in peace without a run lingering over my head.  I thought I would move a lot slower than I did, but I was able to keep my pace under 10 minutes per mile.  I love running on the West Orange Trail as it is has a good energy to it with cyclists, runners, walkers and generally people trying to be healthy.  I also wanted to run as soon as I got to the house to try beat the sun.  I was able to barely beat the sun and had a relatively cool and enjoyable run.

So far the benefits of running a 5K everyday are

  1. improved flexibility (I force myself to stretch after every run)
  2. slimming waistline
  3. healthier eating (seems like my appetite has decreased)
  4. drinking more water
  5. getting faster
  6. being forced to make time for myself everyday
  7. Learned that my body can heal and still keep running

Some of the not so positive things

  1. Wearing out shoes faster
  2. Can’t keep enough clean running clothes
  3. Can’t take a full day off and do absolutely nothing
  4. Takes away time from my swimming and biking
  5. Left side of my left leg is starting to give me some numbing sensations

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One response to “45th straight 5K run only 321 more to go

  1. Karlene

    August 19, 2015 at 8:54 pm

    Hi Simba,
    I appreciate reading about the benefits and cons that you’ve experienced from your 5K every day. Thank you.



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