A Hybrid Olympic triathlon kind of day

20 Aug

A gorgeous morning at the lake

I spent my morning doing my hybrid version of an extended Olympic/Sprint Hybrid mix.  I did my usual 1.3 mile swim at Lucky’s Lake.  Then I followed my swim with my now standard Universal Studios 5K run.  After my run, I headed to the house to fix breakfast for the kids and then out for my 25 mile bike ride.  To get all this training in and still spend time with the kids, my day starts at 5:15 am.

My swim was pretty good as I decided to try one sided breathing.  At first I got a little disoriented, but then was able to find a flow.  My Garmin watch failed me both times when i was trying to track how long it took me to cross the lake.  I’m excited to try again on Saturday as I felt like I was going much faster and was able to breathe in more air.  As a negative, I don’t like the unbalanced feeling of just breathing to one side.  Perhaps I’ll swim alternate sides, doing one crossing breathing to the right and the next crossing breathing to the left?

My run was uneventful.  I was feeling a little tired from the swim and didn’t feel like I had the energy in my legs to push any speed through them.  Therefore, I decided to take it easy and just focus on form and trying to increase my step cadence to 180 spm (steps per minute). Now when I’m really tired, it seems like no matter what I do, I can’t get my cadence higher than 174.  The theory in increase cadence is the closer the number is the 180, the better your form, the less likelihood you have to heel striking and causing damage to your body.  Think running on top of eggshells as you want to be quick and nimble.

Normally during my runs, I’ll find some segment of my route to try to beat my prior times.  This time I picked the reverse route around the Portofino Hotel Lake.  Even though I was tired, I managed to increase my speed and do a lap at maximum effort. Day 48 of consecutive days of 5k runs in the books.

This sums me up after the bike ride

This sums me up after the bike ride

I’m still trying to get comfortable on my Tommasini Diamante all steel road bike. I made some “home brewed adjustments”, but then I stopped at Winter Garden Wheel Works to see if there was an option to pull the seat closer to the handlebars. My seat is not comfortable and I’m still seated too far back for my liking. I had to do a lot of stopping and stretching. A lot of wincing and ouching during several stretches of my short ride.  I’ll keep the distance short until I can increase my comfort level. Also triceps were taxed too from being extended too far back from the handlebars.  I ordered a new stem to decrease the length out of the handlebars.  I’m hoping that this cheap solution works as it is not easy finding parts for my retro road racer.

After limping back home, it was on to put my son through one of Dad’s basketball workouts.  I’m amazed at how much he has improved since spring break of this past school year.  When my son makes multiple shots in a row I have to do pushups.  My son seems to delight in making me do push-ups.  After basketball, we got something to eat, rented a movie and just chilled on a rare father and son only kind of day.  It just fills my heart with happiness when I can get my training in and still be present for my kids.  There is nothing like a win-win day in my book.

I’m guessing my training is going to take a back seat as basketball season is upon us and I volunteered to coach.  Well actually I volunteered to assist in any capacity and they created another team and made me head coach.


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