A new beginning, new Website coming

31 Jan


Today was a very long day. I worked from 11pm last night until 4pm today. I did get an hour for lunch which I used to run my 5K (consectutive 5K run day #212).

I picked a beautiful route through downtown Winter Park and Rollins College. Since I’ve spent the last 10 days running on a treadmill, running on the pavement seems much harder now.  But I did miss the changing of scenery, the fresh air, the changes in surfaces and the freedom of the open road.

I think I have come to realize that there is a good purpose for both.  Just like running with headphones and without headphones.  The treadmill is great for working on your form, picking up your pace and really being able to push yourself in a controlled environment. No worries about uneven pavement, cars, stop lights, wild animals, slippery surfaces and the like.

I’ve also launched my new website WWW.IRONMANCOACH.COM which I will be transisitoning to.  I will now be able to offer videos, more content and appeal to a wider audience.


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