Consecutive 5K day #221

09 Feb

My day started out with a yoga class at the downtown YMCA. I love yoga and the way it makes my body feel. Yoga seems to unlock all the stored energy in my body and I feel amazing afterwards. After yoga, it was on to get some sleep. After working third shift all night my body was tired.

Sleeping during the day is always a challenge. There’s always landscapers mowing lawns using all sorts of landscaping tools that make an incredible amount of noise and also just the sunlight makes it very hard to sleep. I wake up tired, cloudy minded and groggy.

After finally pulling myself together I decided to go to the Roper YMCA to do my 5K run. Today was also a weight training day. As I mentioned before, I’m sticking to the five main body exercises of squats, deadlifts, lunges, pull-ups, push-ups and planks. I know that is six, but I throw planks in as a bonus set.

My 5K run felt pretty good no real issues there.  Also my weight training seems to be giving my body that much needed muscle and balance.  My body is getting stronger and the weight training is actually helping with my glute and hamstring issues. I’m mostly using my bodyweight to perform the sets. I want to make sure I have perfect form before I start adding significant weight and risking injury.  I know my personality type is to always push myself one rep too many or one pound too much.  Must be careful as to not injure myself and put my run streak in jeopardy.


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