Colon Cancer Scare 5K Run day #225

12 Feb

Savoring my ability to run

Today was an emotional day for me.  I’ve been keeping a very personal issue private for several months.  I have been having sporadic rectal bleeding and didn’t know why?  I had been trying to correlate this bleeding to something I ate but couldn’t.  I am one of those weird people that examine my stool on a daily basis.  I don’t touch it or anything, but I don’t just flush and forget  it either.  So to have some blood in the toilet is a very unnerving ordeal.

Then all of a sudden the bleeding increased in volume and frequency.  This increase in bleeding really scared me and I could no longer ignore what was going on.  I began to start thinking I had colon cancer and I began to cry.  I looked up colon cancer on WebMD and I had a few of the symptoms but not all of them.  The symptoms I’m having are of course bleeding and the other is my age of 50 and sex of being a male.  None of the other markers fit, like pain, lethargy, etc.  But, once I had the idea that I had colon cancer in my head, I began to think some very dark thoughts.


Sorry for the graphic image, but posting to help others that may be suffering

I headed out for my run as I worked my way through the tears and sadness.  I felt a strange energy as I ran and had my best time outside under the 10min/mile time in a long while.

I gave a desperate text to my friends at Lake Cane and they suggested that it might be hemorrhoids instead.  The reason being the color was bright red versus dark  brown, when I went to the bathroom, it felt like I was never quite finished, not enough fiber in my diet, too low carb, the blood was mucousy and streaky.  When I researched and read the symptoms of hemorrhoids it felt much better to me and I immediately cheered up.

My good friend Sincy, who sadly lost his dad to colon cancer, still insisted that I make an appointment to go get checked out to verify what’s going on.  My appointment is this Tuesday February 16th at 9:30am.  I’m feeling confident that I just have hemorrhoids and not colon cancer.  The bad news, from what I’ve been able to research is the only way to get rid of hemorrhoids is surgery.  I’m sure surgery won’t be any fun, but it’s a far cry from having colon cancer.  The hemorrhoid surgery will put my run streak in some serious jeopardy.  I wonder how long one can suffer with hemorrhoids and not risk their health?


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