Mini Sprint Triathlon day

13 Feb

Busy day starts with a chilly 1000 meter swim (no wetsuit). It’s funny the warmer the outside air is (70ish), the colder the water feels (60). Although the water was 2 degrees warmer than two days ago, it felt 15 degrees colder due to the much warmer outside air (from 39 to 70 degrees).

For today’s swim, I had a great surprise visit by my good friend Sincy! I’m still amazed at my once shy/reluctant swimmer friend came out to swim in such cold waters.  Not only did he brave the cold water, he kept right on my heels all the way across and I had to be on my game to keep up with him on the way back.  Way to go Sincy!!!

In addition to Sincy coming out for a cameo appearance, I met some amazing people from Daytona and Michigan too.

Luckys lake 372

My good friend and now expert swimmer Sincy

After my swim it was onto my 5K #225 in a row. I found a new trail almost across the street from the lake.  My run felt great as I have no idea what my pace was or anything.  I was just determined to run by feel and to take it easy.  I can’t emphasize enough how enjoyable running a new route is.  All my senses seem to come alive as I look for new pictures to take, learn about new areas and just take in all the sights and sounds of someplace new.

As a last minute decision I decided to hop on my bike for an hour leisure ride.  I remembered my commitment to ride my bike at least an hour or more a week.  Due to my son’s late basketball game (5:30pm), I was able to get one more exercise in.  I just really love riding on my bike.

bike ride

I loved the energy of this Abe Lincoln

With my cancer scare, I’m really not taking anything for granted. Enjoy life while you have it to live. No one (not even me) is promised tomorrow.


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