Lost at Sea (Lake) Heavy Fog knockout crossing#373 and 5K run #229

18 Feb

What started out to be a chilly, but crystal clear lake swim turned into an experience in white darkness!  Going out for my lake swim was awesome. I was confident, focused and embracing the cold with no wetsuit.

Swimming back across the lake was the complete opposite experience.  I guess you can say I was caught totally off guard. When I started swimming back and I looked up and could see absolutely nothing but whiteness. I’m quite familiar with pitch darkness, but whiteness can be just as spooky.

I had absolutely nothing to sight off. I became disoriented and began to get a little panicky.  I could not tell which direction I was swimming in.  The dense fog also clouded up my goggles making seeing even worst.  I decided to keep swimming but I saw no buoys, shorelines, lights absolutely nothing to give me any indication as to where I was.

When I finally spotted a light, I quickly swam towards it only to realize I had swam in a circle and was right back to the starting point.  I thought of getting out and walking the however many blocks around the lake to the other side.  My manhood got the best of me and I became determined to figure it out.  Plus I rationed, I would get credit for a lake crossing. 

I thought I’d just swimming my back and keep focusing on the dim light on shore.  This strategy worked for awhile, but as the light dimmed I quickly found myself disoriented again.  

By this time the 60 degree water was probably adding to my delirium.  It had been approximately 45 minutes in the cold waters with no wetsuit.
I couldn’t stay warm either as the faster I swam the quicker I was headed the wrong way.  I started sculling very slowly as to keep my head above water and keep from getting disoriented.

Somehow by the grace of God, the fog lifted just enough that I could make out the image of a buoy.  I swam as fast as I could towards it, but everytime I looked up to spot it, I would lose track of it.  I was left to sculling and dog paddling to keep my focus locked on the buoy. 

 Once I made it to this buoy I strained my  eyes and made out what appeared to be the next buoy and I continued this way across the lake.

When I got to the next buoy, I was elated to see a shoreline.  I made it up in my mind to get out regardless of what shoreline it was and walk if I had to.  

Fortunately for me, I was at the last buoy before the correct shoreline.  I have never been so elated to get out of the lake as I was this morning.

Normally, when the lake is this foggy, you are not allowed to swim alone. It’s called the Audrey rule named after a person that was lost in the lake too. Who could have foreseen such a clear view turning so foggy so quickly

This was my view from all directions

My view at the start of my swim


After my swim it was onto get the kiddies off to school, a little late I might add after being lost on Lucky’s Lake.  Once the kids were off to school, I went on to my 229th consecutive 5K run. Which was anti climatic after my harrowing experience on the lake.

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