Rainy run family 5K #270

29 Mar

Today was a great example of how we make things much worse in our minds than reality.  Well it was raining, I was extremely tired, and to be honest, I just didn’t feel like doing much of anything.

Sometimes the run STREAK is a good thing if there was ever a reason not to do anything today would’ve been that day.  I was feeling tired from working third shift needing to cook, clean, do homework and exercise with the kids I felt dead.  However, I’ve come to far to quit now with only a few months of 5K’s remaining.

I needed to get the kids a workout in, so I decided to incorporate their workout into my 5K run.  The actual run itself was amazing as the rain had a way of keeping us cool and it was just enough to enjoy it.  Plus, I got extra energy from running with the kids. 270th 5K

I think they learned a lesson too that sometimes it’s just about getting out and doing it regardless of the obstacles in your way.


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