Saved a turtle “Triday” and #371st 5K 

31 Mar

Today was a busy day. On the schedule today was my lake swim, kids to school, 5K run, bike ride, book fair, Baskeball camp and homework.

My lake swim was tough going out as I felt out of breath. However, coming back across the lake was much better as I warmed up and relaxed. Lucky’s lake #281

I practiced bilateral breathing again. I realized, I missed the balance feeling that breathing to both sides gives me. I could also watch the sunrise coming up as I breathed to my left. The sunrise was absolutely gorgeous crossing back. Sometimes I wish I could swim with a camera.

After doing my fatherly chores it was onto my 5K run. I chose to do my run before my bike ride as to not risk a DNF on my 5K after biking for an hour.

My run was good, I ran basically pain free. I tried to push it around the lake as my competitive juices got the best of me. #271st 5K
To complete my “Triday” all I had left was an hour bike ride. I’m limiting myself to an hour as to not risk injury or taxing my body too much for my daily 5K.

 The highlight of my ride was rescuing a turtle trying to cross one of the busiest streets in my area. This turtle was directly in my bike path.

Blessing number one was not crashing on my bike. If I didn’t see him and my front wheel hit his shell, that would have been disastrous for both of us.

Bike riding takes such extreme concentration as you never know what could jump in front of you. One second of loss focus could end your cycling career.
I had a lot of fun on my ride and enjoyed feeling the wind blow by me. Hour bike ride
It was nice not having to worry about going to work later in the night.


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