Sport Court 5K #282 (83 remaining)

11 Apr



I appreciate all that God has given me. As many of you know, one of my favorite things to do is to swim at Lucky’s Lake.

Therefore, anytime, I can do anything to try to give back or help the man who has been so generous to me and everyone, I’m willing to do. So, today was about giving back and showing my appreciation to Lucky by helping him with his passion of underwater hockey.


all hands on deck


one tile at a time


finished underwater hockey court


After helping with the sport court, I went home to get some much needed sleep.
I needed to incorporate my kids workout into my 5K run. We did basketball drills, wind-sprints and then kids ran a portion of my 5K with me.

As I’ve learned along my journey of a year of 5Ks, running with others gives me energy and today was no exception. The portion I ran with my kids felt great. The remainder of my run felt really gimpy. My right ankle locked up several times and I had to stop to rotate it to get it unlocked. #282nd 5K

During my warmup routine, I forgot to rotate my ankles. I guess because I was focused on making sure the kids warmed up properly.  Another lesson reminder, don’t take shortcuts to your warmup routine. 


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