Hawaii 5KO rainbow run 6 remaining!

25 Jun

This place is simply amazing! So much beauty packed in such a small place.  So beautiful in fact I grew a rainbow out of my head. Lol


Since my body is still on east coast time and woke me up at zero dark thirty (aka 3:30am), I decided to catch a Hawaiian sunrise and knock my 5K run out at the same time.


My actual run time is gonna suck because I kept stopping for pictures. This is a bad place to be for a “picture selfie taking addict” like myself.


Doesn’t he make bread?


Took my 5K talents to the pier

I ran late last night, but just really wanted to get my run out of the way so I can enjoy the beach with the kiddies.

My body is actually very sore from the 8 hour plane ride and all the hustle and bustle of taking a trip.  I think I’ll splurge and get myself a massage while I’m here.


I did my actual run along the beach where there were many Kodak moments.



It’s very surreal how close to the end of my 5Ks I’ve become.“>358th 5K only 6 remain.



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