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If only one person benefits

I was beautifully reminded this past week why I bother to blog at all. As I’m sure you’ve noticed I haven’t blogged in quite some time. I have many excuses as to why I have been absent. Lets just leave it as life got in the way. I also lost my confidence in believing this blog helped anyways.

My view changed when someone tweeted me asking if I was still training for Ironman Arizona? She then went on to say she noticed I didn’t have any recent blog entries detailing my training, like I had in the past.

You know who you are, thank you for inspiring me!!

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It’s been too long

A moment of honesty. ..

I had completely fallen off the Wagon. I think not being able to train properly has finally taken its toll on me. Working 3rd shift so far has not been what I had hoped for.   My diet has suffered, my mood has darkened and overall health has declined.   I stopped blogging and became a shell of my visionary self. No more!

Yesterday I decided to recommit to a healthy lifestyle and do what I can training wise.   I feel like a new man already with just restating my purpose.