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First day at IMAZ aka Nirvana


I've always wanted one of these!

I’ve always wanted one of these!

A nice useful gift

A nice useful gift


Zoey on the rack


Bikes of all my closest friends


Zoey where are you??


It’s a picture of beauty!!


The sweetest lady at athlete check-in.


The first other black triathlete I met Joy Miles.


Headed to Arizona via SWA on my favorite spot on the plane (over the wing)


Today was a long travel day.  Up at 3 am and could not go back to sleep although I didn’t have to be up for several hours.  I am filled with excitement and worry about possibly oversleeping or missing my flight.  So it’s up and at em, to get the day started.  I’m all packed and ready for my good friend Sincy to take me to the airport.  I’ll skip the boring travel details, but everything went smooth as silk.

After checking into the hotel, it was on to Ironman village and picking up my bike Zoey.  The weather in Tempe is forcasted to be perfect this weekend for an Ironman, mid 70’s and sunny.  Whoohoo!!!!  Tempe is a college town and it was filled with bikes, music, restaurants, people and lots of good energy.  As I walked towards the Ironman village I began to see fellow triathletes, superbikes, joggers etc.  My heart was filled with excitement like a kid on Christmas morning wondering what I would find under the tree.

Walking into the village I had the knowing that I was right where I was suppose to be.  I soaked in all the vendors, products, sampled treats like Bonker Bars, superbikes that looked more like rockets than bikes.  I was in heaven!  I went through the athlete check-in to avoid the long lines Friday when most athletes wil be checking in.  I got my number stickers for my bike helmet, seatpost, racing belt etc, timing chip and Ironman swag.  I was given a really nice Ironman bag which was strategically placed to make you walk through Ironman store where all my wildest dreams could come true.  LOL

Then it was on to pick up my bike from BikeTransport.  But I slowly began to realize that I had forgotten my pedals!  Oh well, instead of being able to cruise the strip on Zoey.  Had to walk her back to the pick up point and install the pedals in my room with my new Ironman tool-kit.

Once back to the hotel, I realized that I was starving for some real food!  Perfect timing as it was just the same time my little brother Jerry had arrived.  So I waited for him and we cruised the strip looking for a place to eat.  After dinner, it was back to the hotel for some much needed rest.

Day one in the books and T-minus two days!

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