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Sunday funday #254 5k run

Decided to get my 5K run out of the way early today. After work, I took to the trail of one of my favorite run places Lake Baldwin Park.  Lake Baldwin Park has almost a 5K loop which is perfect for what I’m doing.

I love the energy, activity and vibe if this place. I find comfort in seeing other runners, cyclist and walkers out here with me.  I’m not alone missing out on sleep and television.  I stop way too much to take pics, and the views are awesome.

Although it didn’t feel like I was going that fast, but according to Strava I ran my fastest loop at the park.

This duck made me go around him #nofear


Needs no words


Why can’t all of life be this beautiful?



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Consecutive 5K Day 213 back on the open road

The treadmill sure can spoil you! Now that the ground doesn’t move for me anymore, I’m appreciating the true grit it takes of running on pavement for 200 plus days straight.

This picture captures the exhaustion I feel getting used to running on an immovable ground again.




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A new beginning, new Website coming


Today was a very long day. I worked from 11pm last night until 4pm today. I did get an hour for lunch which I used to run my 5K (consectutive 5K run day #212).

I picked a beautiful route through downtown Winter Park and Rollins College. Since I’ve spent the last 10 days running on a treadmill, running on the pavement seems much harder now.  But I did miss the changing of scenery, the fresh air, the changes in surfaces and the freedom of the open road.

I think I have come to realize that there is a good purpose for both.  Just like running with headphones and without headphones.  The treadmill is great for working on your form, picking up your pace and really being able to push yourself in a controlled environment. No worries about uneven pavement, cars, stop lights, wild animals, slippery surfaces and the like.

I’ve also launched my new website WWW.IRONMANCOACH.COM which I will be transisitoning to.  I will now be able to offer videos, more content and appeal to a wider audience.


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Halfway to my goal of running a 5K daily for one year

My day started like a lot of my days with a lake swim at Lucky’s Lake.


A bit chilly out this morning.

I love this sign!

I love this sign!

After my two lake crossing this morning, I reached a running milestone. Day 183, which means I’m officially half way to my goal of running a 5K a day for one year. 183/365=50%.

I’m amazed that I’ve made it this far considering the nagging injuries I’ve incurred.  The journey has had many twist and turns that’s for sure.  Like right now I’m currently struggling with some nagging right glute and hamstring issues.  These issues have really slowed down my running.  I dare not push the pace, for fear of being derailed for a longer period of time.  I have to somehow keep running while at the same time allowing my body to get some rest and heal.

You’ve heard of the term “dog days of the summer”?  That’s what my quest currently feels like.  Each day it seems to be a grind to complete my 5k run.  A part of me longs to do other activities that I have put aside for fear of injuring myself.  Activities such as basketball, weightlifting and cycling have not been part of my routine for awhile now.  This has been the longest time I haven’t cycled in three years time.

I do plan on adding some light weightlifting to beef up my physique and make my body more resistant to injuries going forward.  The problem is that I can’t push too hard as building muscle requires rest and recovery.  Is it possible to build muscle on minimal rest and recovery?  We shall find out, as I’m going to take a before and after picture to track my weightlifting journey.


I wanted to capture the halfway point of my 5K/Day journey with a nice photo

I love bamboo

I love bamboo

I’ve really become dependent on running with music.  I’m finding motivation by running with a different playlist everyday.  Before I started this running quest, I loathed running with music and just enjoyed the sound of my breath and feet hitting the pavement.  I would like to get back to running without music, but for now the music is a good motivator for me to continue the streak.  Also running in different locations that I’ve never run before adds motivation and “childlike” intrigue.

Instead of my normal what have I learned list, I’m going to talk about what has been the easiest part of my journey and what has been the hardest.

The easiest part surprisingly has been the actual running itself.  I’ve got the 5K run down to such a routine, it’s just a matter of doing it.

The hardest part has been documenting my journey.  It seems that I’m having trouble keeping up with recording my runs, how I’m feeling that day, challenges, blogging etc.  A close second would be taking the time to address my injuries properly.  Getting more massages, acupuncture visits, roller therapy to really address my injuries.

I’m looking forward to learning more about myself on the second half of this journey to a year’s worth of daily 5Ks.





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A run with my son #163 consecutive 5K

5K run #163 was all about getting my son some exercise.  My son was in a “deep chill” status after a pretty hectic Saturday and wanted to lounge around all day and play video games.  I don’t mind him playing games, but I always tell him to break it up with some exercise and other things.

I gave him the option of going for a bike ride or a run with me.  He chose to run with me as for some reason, he’s not really into biking as of yet.  I’m still suffering from some glute issues, so I have to be careful.




Instead of spending a lot of money on a fancy roller to help work out the muscles, I went “old school” and bought a rolling pin from Goodwill.  Instead of spending $35, I only spend $1.99 and it works wonderfully well.

good old fashioned rolling pin


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A very long Saturday


a well deserved second place trophy


team photo


Amaya got to play where the Orlando Magic play

My Saturday actually started Friday night at 11pm as I had to work all night.  After work, I had to dash home, make breakfast and coach my son’s basketball YMCA team.  No Saturday morning Lucky’s Lake swim for me 😞.

After the game we did some running around, lunch etc.  Then I got to run my 162 consecutive 5K.  I have developed some sort of glute issue that is quite sore at the moment.  I must really concentrate on form as to not aggravate the muscle further.  Other than the glutes, I felt pretty good during my 5K run.  What I’ve learned when I’m tired or needing an extra boost, I choose a new route with new sights and sounds and things to distract me from running.

After my 5K run, it was time to get my daughter to her 4pm basketball game.  Her team won their first playoff game, so we got to stick around for the championship game at 7pm.

By the time I got home from all the days activities it was 8:30pm.  Just in time for an hour and a half sleep before heading into work at 11pm.  I’m really going to start focusing on my sleep.  I just don’t know what to cut out?  Sleep is one of the most important activities you can do for your health and longevity.

Although I was sleep deprived, it ended up being a great Saturday.



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#160th 5K and a lake swim


A beautiful morning swim


Tis the season



Nature in all its splendor


ducks hanging out on the dock


Taking in the sunrise

My morning started with a 1K swim across Lucky’s Lake. An absolutely beautiful morning for a swim. The water temp was 70.5 degrees. While chilly upon first entry, the water felt perfect after getting into a swim.
After getting the kiddies off to school, it was onwards to my 160th 5K!  It is amazing what a “good nights” sleep does for my energy levels. I felt a pep in my step and actually ran an additional mile. I also manage to post some respectable times on Strava.


An appropriate shirt for my 160th 5K



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