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There goes the neighborhood 5K #327 (38 remaining)

This last month or so of 5Ks are going to be particularly challenging from a mental standpoint. I’m just really bored of running the same routes over and over.

I actually live across the street from my old neighborhood of years ago. That’s the high dollar guard gated community of Stoneybrook West.

I have been thinking about running here for a long time, but as I mentioned it is a guard gated community. However, in my quest for something new, I decided to try to run through the gate anyways.

I was able to just squeeze around the liftgate while the guards busied themselves with the many cars passing trying to get in.

a mother duck and her two ducklings


It was a really nostalgic run as I took in the now mature landscaping and relived some memories of what seems like a different lifetime ago. The run itself was a bit labored.   Luckily, I was distracted trying to notice all the landscape and neighborhood changes from when I was one of the first occupants in this area.  As a side note, my right glute and hamstring continue to trouble me with soreness.” target=”_blank”>328th 5K

Black Lake (yes there are gators)

I actually visited my old house, which seemed ginormous to me now. It was empty and looking for an owner. I’m told the house has not been able to stay lived in for various reasons.

It’s funny how my life has come full circle

Seems like a different lifetime when I lived here


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Amaya’s basketball championship run 5k #248

Today was filled with excitement as my daughter Amaya’s team was playing in their first playoff game as the number one seed and cluster regular season champions.  Watching her play is the highlight of my week.  She plays with such passion and energy that is contagious.

I definitely wanted to get my 5K out of the way as they would be playing the late 6:30 game on the other side of town.  I knew it would be very late, and that I’d be lucky to get an hours sleep after the game and long drive home.  If I still had to run a 5k when I got home, it would not be a good idea.

My 5K run was ok, started out slow but relatively pain free.  Still worrying about my knees, I’m really concentrating on perfect running form.  I have no room for sloppy run mechanics or “lazy” running.

I did check the mileage on my shoes and they are definitely are in need of replacing as they are well over 300 miles.


Amaya’s team, the Sunridge Lady Eagles won a close game and are onto the next round. A fast turnaround next game is Wednesday with a yet to be determined opponent.



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An exhausting night 5K run #228


I should be sleeping….

Today was a very tiring day. Operating on about 2 hours of sleep since last night I headed out on my 228th consecutive 5K.  I really did not feel like running today and just wanted to get it over with.

My body felt all achy all over. But at some point I started to enjoying the run.  The night air felt extremely good.

I can promise you if it weren’t for this run streak, I would have been resting on my butt all day.  I just feel really exhausted at the end of my 5 consecutive nights working third shift.  The lack of sleep and the unnatural habit of working when I should be sleeping really takes it’s toll on me.


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A love myself Valentine 5K #226

So today was Valentine’s day.  A day to spend with that special loved one.  Since I’m pretty much solo these days, I decided to love on myself.  It is really hard for me to address my own needs before the ones I love.  Which is mainly my children who were with their mom today till 6.  Leaving me all alone to figure out what to do with my time.

I woke up exceptionally groggy and it took me awhile to get up to run my 5K.  I can tell you with 100% surety that I would not have exercised today had it not been for my 5K a day streak.  Looking for motivation as I’m having to do a lot these days, I decided to explore a nearby neighborhood.

My main focus today was to just get it done.  Take it easy and not put unnecessary stress on my already groggy body.  I did a good stretch and then spent the rest of the day playing UNO and drinking tea with the Kiddies.


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Mini Sprint Triathlon day

Busy day starts with a chilly 1000 meter swim (no wetsuit). It’s funny the warmer the outside air is (70ish), the colder the water feels (60). Although the water was 2 degrees warmer than two days ago, it felt 15 degrees colder due to the much warmer outside air (from 39 to 70 degrees).

For today’s swim, I had a great surprise visit by my good friend Sincy! I’m still amazed at my once shy/reluctant swimmer friend came out to swim in such cold waters.  Not only did he brave the cold water, he kept right on my heels all the way across and I had to be on my game to keep up with him on the way back.  Way to go Sincy!!!

In addition to Sincy coming out for a cameo appearance, I met some amazing people from Daytona and Michigan too.

Luckys lake 372

My good friend and now expert swimmer Sincy

After my swim it was onto my 5K #225 in a row. I found a new trail almost across the street from the lake.  My run felt great as I have no idea what my pace was or anything.  I was just determined to run by feel and to take it easy.  I can’t emphasize enough how enjoyable running a new route is.  All my senses seem to come alive as I look for new pictures to take, learn about new areas and just take in all the sights and sounds of someplace new.

As a last minute decision I decided to hop on my bike for an hour leisure ride.  I remembered my commitment to ride my bike at least an hour or more a week.  Due to my son’s late basketball game (5:30pm), I was able to get one more exercise in.  I just really love riding on my bike.

bike ride

I loved the energy of this Abe Lincoln

With my cancer scare, I’m really not taking anything for granted. Enjoy life while you have it to live. No one (not even me) is promised tomorrow.


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Colon Cancer Scare 5K Run day #225

Savoring my ability to run

Today was an emotional day for me.  I’ve been keeping a very personal issue private for several months.  I have been having sporadic rectal bleeding and didn’t know why?  I had been trying to correlate this bleeding to something I ate but couldn’t.  I am one of those weird people that examine my stool on a daily basis.  I don’t touch it or anything, but I don’t just flush and forget  it either.  So to have some blood in the toilet is a very unnerving ordeal.

Then all of a sudden the bleeding increased in volume and frequency.  This increase in bleeding really scared me and I could no longer ignore what was going on.  I began to start thinking I had colon cancer and I began to cry.  I looked up colon cancer on WebMD and I had a few of the symptoms but not all of them.  The symptoms I’m having are of course bleeding and the other is my age of 50 and sex of being a male.  None of the other markers fit, like pain, lethargy, etc.  But, once I had the idea that I had colon cancer in my head, I began to think some very dark thoughts.


Sorry for the graphic image, but posting to help others that may be suffering

I headed out for my run as I worked my way through the tears and sadness.  I felt a strange energy as I ran and had my best time outside under the 10min/mile time in a long while.

I gave a desperate text to my friends at Lake Cane and they suggested that it might be hemorrhoids instead.  The reason being the color was bright red versus dark  brown, when I went to the bathroom, it felt like I was never quite finished, not enough fiber in my diet, too low carb, the blood was mucousy and streaky.  When I researched and read the symptoms of hemorrhoids it felt much better to me and I immediately cheered up.

My good friend Sincy, who sadly lost his dad to colon cancer, still insisted that I make an appointment to go get checked out to verify what’s going on.  My appointment is this Tuesday February 16th at 9:30am.  I’m feeling confident that I just have hemorrhoids and not colon cancer.  The bad news, from what I’ve been able to research is the only way to get rid of hemorrhoids is surgery.  I’m sure surgery won’t be any fun, but it’s a far cry from having colon cancer.  The hemorrhoid surgery will put my run streak in some serious jeopardy.  I wonder how long one can suffer with hemorrhoids and not risk their health?


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Consecutive 5K day #220 YMCA treadmill

Today was a bit chilly outside and I just wanted to run on the treadmill as I was feeling a bit tired due to my 4th consecutive night of 3rd shift work.  I felt pretty good until a runner passed me on the virtual path and made me mad.  I have no idea why, but I decided to pick up my pace and then I started to feel a strain on my right hamstring and glute.  Must resist such silly ego trips as I’m still not giving myself enough easy days to heal.  I was able to get a good stretch and cool down.  I resisted the urge to do weight training as I had to get home  and try to get a few hours of sleep.

I’m really needing to make sleep my number 1 focus.  It is hard as I seem to have way too much to do during the day to get anywhere near 8 hours of sleep.  As it is, I was able to get a few hours of sleep today.  My sleeping hours were from 10am to 2:30pm and 8pm to 10:15pm.


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