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Last double digit 5K (10 remain) #355 

Today marks a very special run day. Not only is this the last of the double digit 5K runs (10 remaining), I also was honored to be able to run with one of my real life heroes Jordan Flores!  Jordan qualified for the para-triathlon national championships this past year!

A real life super hero Jordan Flores

Jordan had a 4 mile recovery workout planned, so I decided to do his plan with him. I programmed the workout on my Garmin 910XT watch and off we went.  This is the first time I’ve run farther than a 5K in a long time.

With my recent calf strain problems I should have been reluctant to run much past 3 miles. However, I was so honored that Jordan wanted to run one of my last 5Ks with me that I threw caution to the wind.

Jordan is a winner in every way and inspires me to keep pushing forward.  His high energy and positive outlook is contagious.  I first met Jordan at Lucky’s Lake  and our friendship continues to grow.  I’m sure we will see even greater things from Jordan this year!!

A smile that could melt an iceberg

The actual run went by very quickly for me as we talked and shared stories about triathlon races and such.  Also, the left calf pain that was trying to take me out yesterday, was non-existent during the run.  355th 5K


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Double shift 5K #347 (18 remaining)

A really rough night at work where it was call after call all night long. I also knew that I had a double shift to work today starting at 3pm till 7am the next morning.  I knew it would be important for me to get some sleep after working all night.

Unfortunately, I could only sleep 3 hours and don’t know why??  I just laid on my couch too tired to really run, but not sleepy enough to get back to sleep.  Therefore, I decided to get off the couch and at least get my 5K run in.  I knew it would be almost impossible to run once I got to work, due to only getting a half hour for lunch.

I had an absolutely exhausted run today.  I was feeling very achy, crickety and crotchety. I did manage to complete my run, but it was not pretty.  I contained my run to a little semi shaded loop in my neighborhood. 347th 5K

I still can’t believe my runs are now in the teens, with just a little over two weeks remaining.


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Let’s go Lego 5K #335 (30 remain)

I can’t believe I only have 30 runs left. I wanted to run someplace I have never been before on this landmark day.  Legoland is the magical place I decided to go.

There were lots of cool photo ops. I didn’t go in the park itself, but the hotel and surrounding areas were nice.

I wound up running on some rolling hills which were not fun.

I was a bit tired at the end of my run, but the hills and heat took a toll. 335th 5K


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Course record 5K #331 (34 remaining)

I quit running after work because I decided it better to rest my body, than to tack on a 5K run at the end of me working all night.

Today I made an exception to my new sleep strategy as I knew I had to work a double and getting my run in would be very difficult.

I started my run like a sloth. Very slow and painful are the thoughts that come to mind. My run felt very labored as I imagined it taking me all morning at my current pace.

At this point, I’m just trying to survive these runs. I’ve long let go of trying to increase my speed or set course records.

For some strange reason the internal coach in me started barking motivational commands, “cmon you certainly can go faster than this”, “are you going to let that turtle pass you like you’re standing still?”

With all the positive thoughts in my head (insert sarcasm), I decided to try to beat my course record around this pond on my run route. Last time I tried to beat my record, I missed by 15 seconds or so.

The only problem with trying to beat my record was I ran that fast time a long while ago when I was still relatively fresh and spry.

I reasoned with myself, if I’m going to be out her, I may as well get it over with faster.


When I reached the pond, I began quickening my stride. I imagined my feet light as feathers instead of the tree trunks they actually felt like. I concentrated on running with good form, but carrying no tension in my body.

I began to feel the breeze going by me and my heart rate quickened. I was actually moving at a much faster pace than I expected from my tired condition.  Before I knew it, I had completed my pond loop and couldn’t wait to get home and compare my time with my current record.


I beat my course record (CR) by 20 seconds!!!


The interesting thing about my run is that going for the record, now had me running at a much faster pace.  When I tried to slow back down, my feet wouldn’t let me.  So I decided to run the rest of my route at this new faster pace.  The rest of my run went well, but I could feel the sore hamstring screaming at me.  I told my hammy to just keep it together for 34 more days and I’ll give it a big reward.” target=”_blank”>#331st 5K



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There goes the neighborhood 5K #327 (38 remaining)

This last month or so of 5Ks are going to be particularly challenging from a mental standpoint. I’m just really bored of running the same routes over and over.

I actually live across the street from my old neighborhood of years ago. That’s the high dollar guard gated community of Stoneybrook West.

I have been thinking about running here for a long time, but as I mentioned it is a guard gated community. However, in my quest for something new, I decided to try to run through the gate anyways.

I was able to just squeeze around the liftgate while the guards busied themselves with the many cars passing trying to get in.

a mother duck and her two ducklings


It was a really nostalgic run as I took in the now mature landscaping and relived some memories of what seems like a different lifetime ago. The run itself was a bit labored.   Luckily, I was distracted trying to notice all the landscape and neighborhood changes from when I was one of the first occupants in this area.  As a side note, my right glute and hamstring continue to trouble me with soreness.” target=”_blank”>328th 5K

Black Lake (yes there are gators)

I actually visited my old house, which seemed ginormous to me now. It was empty and looking for an owner. I’m told the house has not been able to stay lived in for various reasons.

It’s funny how my life has come full circle

Seems like a different lifetime when I lived here


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I cracked my iPhone 5K #326 (39 remaining)

My daughter Amaya has been sick and working hard on giving it to me. I’ve manage to fight off the germs so far. I’m wondering if all this running has made me almost bulletproof?  A couple of times during this run streak I’ve almost caught a few colds and flu symptoms. I’ll get a scratchy throat or runny nose, but the bug will never fully take ahold of me.

My run was good without much drama. My main struggle seems to be with boredom of running the same routes over and over again. #326th 5K


This is the turtle I saw 2 days ago, not so bulletproof

I did subscribe to YouTube Red, which allows me access to all my old childhood music and videos even with the screen off. My best running song today was one of my all time jams.  Mama used to say

At the very end of my run, I stop to take a selfie and my iPhone slips out of my hand cracking and scratching it up. Is there a worst feeling to dropping your phone??

Dropping my iphone while taking this pic, makes this one costly selfie (I did find 20 cents)

I like to keep my phone in a case, but take it out sometimes when I run as it fits easier in my waist belt without the case. Plus I like to have my phone ready for any photo ops that I might miss taking my phone out.

Oh well, what’s done is done. Onto my run in the 30’s remaining.


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Milestone 50 5Ks left to run

A special day, not only was it Friday 13th, but only 50 remaining 5Ks left on my yearly challenge of running a 5k everyday for a year.  It’s hard to believe that I’ve been doing this run everyday for 315 days in a row.  Running a 5k everyday is just what I do at this point.  I know that being this close to my goal, nothing can stop me.

I feel like life will throw me one last challenge, so I’m just mentally preparing for that day.  I know that I really need a massage, as I can barely bend over due to back pain.  I somehow strained by back and I can barely pick something off the ground.  My stretching has been compromised due to the back pain, but I’m still moving forward pain or no pain.

Because today was a milestone run, I tried to go a little faster in honor of only 50 runs remaining to reach my goal.  I also picked one of my favorite places to run, and that is the West Orange Trail.  The trail is filled with all sorts of wonderful sights, sounds and activities to keep my mind distracted from any body aches and pains I might be suffering.  I was able to run relatively well and actually recorded some PRs on my route today. 50 remaining 5Ks

Oakland Avenue Charter school giving out free ice cold water. They were learning about hydration.

Beautiful trees along the trail

a nice trail view

To top the day off, I got to see my daughter Amaya place 3rd in the county long jump championships at Cady Way Park.  Amaya has had to endure some nagging injuries from basketball this year, but has been an amazing track and field athlete all season winning 99% of her events this year.  She had second place locked up until she was beaten by the very last athlete of the day.  All in all a great day for me and my family.


My daughter Amaya flying through the air


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