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Halfway to my goal of running a 5K daily for one year

My day started like a lot of my days with a lake swim at Lucky’s Lake.


A bit chilly out this morning.

I love this sign!

I love this sign!

After my two lake crossing this morning, I reached a running milestone. Day 183, which means I’m officially half way to my goal of running a 5K a day for one year. 183/365=50%.

I’m amazed that I’ve made it this far considering the nagging injuries I’ve incurred.  The journey has had many twist and turns that’s for sure.  Like right now I’m currently struggling with some nagging right glute and hamstring issues.  These issues have really slowed down my running.  I dare not push the pace, for fear of being derailed for a longer period of time.  I have to somehow keep running while at the same time allowing my body to get some rest and heal.

You’ve heard of the term “dog days of the summer”?  That’s what my quest currently feels like.  Each day it seems to be a grind to complete my 5k run.  A part of me longs to do other activities that I have put aside for fear of injuring myself.  Activities such as basketball, weightlifting and cycling have not been part of my routine for awhile now.  This has been the longest time I haven’t cycled in three years time.

I do plan on adding some light weightlifting to beef up my physique and make my body more resistant to injuries going forward.  The problem is that I can’t push too hard as building muscle requires rest and recovery.  Is it possible to build muscle on minimal rest and recovery?  We shall find out, as I’m going to take a before and after picture to track my weightlifting journey.


I wanted to capture the halfway point of my 5K/Day journey with a nice photo

I love bamboo

I love bamboo

I’ve really become dependent on running with music.  I’m finding motivation by running with a different playlist everyday.  Before I started this running quest, I loathed running with music and just enjoyed the sound of my breath and feet hitting the pavement.  I would like to get back to running without music, but for now the music is a good motivator for me to continue the streak.  Also running in different locations that I’ve never run before adds motivation and “childlike” intrigue.

Instead of my normal what have I learned list, I’m going to talk about what has been the easiest part of my journey and what has been the hardest.

The easiest part surprisingly has been the actual running itself.  I’ve got the 5K run down to such a routine, it’s just a matter of doing it.

The hardest part has been documenting my journey.  It seems that I’m having trouble keeping up with recording my runs, how I’m feeling that day, challenges, blogging etc.  A close second would be taking the time to address my injuries properly.  Getting more massages, acupuncture visits, roller therapy to really address my injuries.

I’m looking forward to learning more about myself on the second half of this journey to a year’s worth of daily 5Ks.





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Enter the next pain to deal with glute strain? #164 consecutive 5K

Ooh ouch ooh ouch could be a song today as I ran my 164th 5K.  I have officially developed some sort of glute injury that hurts with every step of my run.  How long will the pain last?  How long will it take to heal?  Will this last the remaining 201 days of my year of consecutive 5Ks?  I’m mentally prepared to endure the pain if that is the case.  I can barely sit at my desk without the sharp pain starting from my right glute and all the way down my hamstring.  I’ll address it with some acupuncture and massage therapy and see how it goes.

I did manage to work in a “dad’s basketball camp workout” with my son before my run.  It was a hectic day and I’m really feeling tired towards the end of my 5th night of 3rd shift work. #can’twaittosleepatnight


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Run thought day 161st 5K

Oftentimes when I run, I have creative and thought provoking ideas.

My thought while running today’s was……..What if you’ve never discovered your greatest talent? Try something new and out of your circle of comfort.

What if you are missing out on your greatest challenge because you haven’t tried anything new since high school?

Get out and discover all your gifts!

As a side note, I’ve developed a slight glute issue from running too fast.  Sigh, I wonder how long it will take to heal?  Better make another appointment to the Acupuncturist.


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Day #150 of consecutive 5K run (a late post)


I love running paths and running someplace new.


A unique view, doing my post run stretches on my back.


A beautiful duck, who is quite comfy around people. It had zero fear of me, even running by him.


My first run at Gaston Edwards Park


Shameless selfie


My app that keeps track of all my runs


Has it really been 3 months since I’ve blogged?  You’ve got to be freaking kidding me!  You know what has distracted me is posting quite a bit?  The answer is posting on Facebook/Instagram and not porting my activities over to this blog.  To be totally honest, I don’t have time to post to all three everyday.

I have to make some decisions about what is the best way to communicate with the largest audience.  Facebook seems to be the easiest to use via my cell phone.  Posting to this blog seems to require me sitting down at my laptop.  Whereas, I can post to Facebook while I’m pretty much anywhere with a few minutes to spare.  Look me up on Facebook for the latest on my activities.  I will be revamping this blog soon, so more to come.

What have I been up to?  I guess the best way to start is the latest adventure and work my way backwards.  As you can tell from the title, I’m still pursuing my quest for a complete year of running at least a 5K a day.  I’ve just completed day #150  As a matter of fact, you can add me as a friend on Strava to see all of my 5K runs and times.

So what have I learned so far in regards to running everyday for 150 days straight?

  1. Forces you to spend some time on you everyday
  2. anything you work on everyday will improve
  3. after reaching a certain point, momentum begins to assist you
  4. You can still perform with injuries, I’ve suffered a sprained ankle, shoulder, muscle spasms that cut off my breathing, hip flexors, knee soreness and of course ye ole hammy.
  5. I choose very carefully the things I do as to not injure myself or put myself at risk of not completing my 5K
  6. My mind is now asking the question, “where else can employ this consistency in my life”
  7. Never put yourself last, or your goals will be last too
  8. you can’t outrun a poor diet.  No matter how many miles I run, it can not compensate for my poor food choices.  I shudder to think of how much better I’d look with a cleaner diet.  God please give me more strength.  LOL
  9. My goals have to be high to motivate me to achieve them
  10. Sometimes you just need a little music to get you through
  11. Equipment is critical
  12. Stretching and warming up are keys to avoiding injuries
  13. My body can heal and still continue to keep going
  14. Whenever you need a little motivation, just run somewhere new.  The freshness of the new sights and sounds will keep you engaged and entertained

That is the good news, my running continues to get stronger and stronger.  The bad news is my swimming and biking have been taking a back seat to keep this streak alive.  On days where I have only enough time to swim, bike or run, I have to choose running.

In addition, I’ve started coaching my son’s basketball team.  Coaching has taken up any remaining time I might have left.  I’ve been studying plays, drills and how to get the best out of 4th and 5th grade kids.  It’s not as easy as I would have thought.  It is a rewarding experience as the kids keep asking me to coach the next league when it starts.  Basketball has changed quite a bit since I played back in the 80’s.  LOL





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Worked 11p to 4p then a 5K


Grey skies just beating the rain

So I had to work a double shift today from 11pm to 4pm because of my Jacksonville marathon swim on Saturday. 

I was absolutely exhausted from sitting all that time and being extra busy at work.   I still had my 5K run to do after work. Day 42 of my quest to run 365 consecutive 5Ks.

Nothing went right today.  Work was a mess,  my run was exhausting and I was starving.

But then as life sometimes shows you, if you hang in there….there’s a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.


Hang in there, there's a pot of gold waiting for you.


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Messed around and almost did an Olympic Tri today

My dream house located on a beautiful bike trail or lake.

My dream house located on a portion of the bike trail. Location, Location, Location!!

Today was a full day of training.  I started the day with my usual Lucky’s Lake crossing.  An absolutely perfect way to start my day, by connecting with nature and enjoying one of Orlando’s best kept secrets.  My swim went very smooth as I focused on full head rotation to each side whilst keeping one side of the goggle in the water.  I’m swimming in the Jacksonville Marathon Swim this Saturday, so I did not want to overuse my muscles after swimming 2 miles yesterday.  I used a small child’s pull buoy to give me a little assistance and not have to work as hard.

After swimming it was on to my usual 5K (day 41 of 365 consecutive 5K’s) run on Universal Studios Portofino hotel property.  I love the activity of tourist and people just enjoying themselves.  I made up my mind to just run relax with no time goals and to be wary of overdoing my legs before my big swim this Saturday.  I reversed my run route just so I would not trick myself into trying to beat my times from yesterday.  Sometimes I just can’t turn off that competitive voice in my head that always has me pushing pushing.  I was able to for the most part keep my promise to run relaxed.

I had been wanting to take my Tommasini all steel road bike out for quite sometime.  I decided to start making the transition to getting some road work in.  Being on a road bike is very different than the aero position of a triathlon specific bike.  I felt freeer (is that even a word?) on the road bike as it just seem to float along effortlessly.  I also noticed quite a bit more control steering wise with the road bike than my trusty tri bike.  A bike fit is very important to maximize your ride comfort, speed and enjoyment while riding.  Due to my lack of knowledge, I only made a small adjustment to the seat post as I brought it down a few inches.

Riding the same route as my tri bike I didn’t reach any of the speeds that I do on my tri bike.  However, I must also take into account, that I swam a mile and ran a 5K BEFORE hopping on my bike.  I really did enjoy the ride and look forward to getting dialed in as I try to fit the bike myself and then get a professional adjustment.  If I’m going to be doing the Paris Breast Paris in three years, I need to get intimately familiar with my companion.


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Day 40 of 365 5Ks and a 2 mile swim


What a way to start the day! Nature is truly amazing. Did a 2 mile swim, followed by my 40th consecutive 5K run.  My first crossing was a little rough as my goggles fogged up making it really difficult to sight.  I’m also only three crossings away from reaching my 300th crossing at Lucky’s Lake!  There is no badge or award for 300 crossings, but I think I will celebrate in my own way!

My goal is to run 365 straight 5K runs.  Over the past 40 days, I’ve suffered through hip flexor pain, muscle soreness, hamstring tweak, back spasms, and rolled ankle.  The rolled ankle was from playing my kids one on one basketball after training, not a good idea.

All in all I feel really good when I run.  I realize that it’s going to be key to monitor my effort level as to not sprain or over do it on any particular day.

My new Altra shoes have been a big help to keep me running strong. When you start to get some nagging injuries, sometimes it’s good to look at the wear and tear on your shoes.


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