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-Record Holder Diana Nyad coming 3-17-2016


We have a unique opportunity to attend a luncheon with legendary swimmer Diana Nyad tomorrow 3-17-2016   For those of you not familiar with her, she is the amazing lady that swam from Cuba to Florida.

A bunch of Lucky’s Lake Swimmers have a table to see Diana Nyad on Thursday the 17th of the Month. If you are interested in going, see the attached flyer for details

You can buy individual tickets. Questions? want to sit together? Contact Jay Madigan (

No word on if she might do a lake swim. We will let you know should she decide to join us.



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Amaya’s 14th birthday 5K #257

Today is the official day of my baby girl’s 14th birthday.  Unfortunately, we cannot celebrate the way we want to because she had track practice after school and a host of homework assignments to be completed before spring break this weekend.

We did have time to go to her favorite place in the world Chewy Boba Tea.  We also played a couple games of UNO before heading home for a long homework night.

My actual run was a little faster than normal because I wanted to have lunch with my son at school. I only had about a half an hour to get to his school on time this meant that I had to run at about a nine minute pace.  For those of you that have been following my runs lately, you know my runs have been no where near a 9 minute pace. However, the motivation to meet my son for lunch seemed to give me a boost to run at the faster pace.  I was able to make it to his school just in time for lunch.  I

During my run, I experienced some slight right ankle pain, right knee throb, and my right hamstring had just a little slight throb.  But other than than that, I was able to run at the faster pace.

My Garmin watch seems to be failing on a daily basis now when I try to upload my activities. I have to reboot my laptop, add the device again, etc. it’s getting to be extremely time consuming and annoying.  I am still unable to upload my run, as Garmin was closed by the time I tried to upload my watch.

Whenever I call Garmin, they are very helpful. However, the sync issues continue to plague my day. I really need to get another watch that wirelessly transfers my runs.


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Amaya’s basketball championship run 5k #248

Today was filled with excitement as my daughter Amaya’s team was playing in their first playoff game as the number one seed and cluster regular season champions.  Watching her play is the highlight of my week.  She plays with such passion and energy that is contagious.

I definitely wanted to get my 5K out of the way as they would be playing the late 6:30 game on the other side of town.  I knew it would be very late, and that I’d be lucky to get an hours sleep after the game and long drive home.  If I still had to run a 5k when I got home, it would not be a good idea.

My 5K run was ok, started out slow but relatively pain free.  Still worrying about my knees, I’m really concentrating on perfect running form.  I have no room for sloppy run mechanics or “lazy” running.

I did check the mileage on my shoes and they are definitely are in need of replacing as they are well over 300 miles.


Amaya’s team, the Sunridge Lady Eagles won a close game and are onto the next round. A fast turnaround next game is Wednesday with a yet to be determined opponent.



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A pain free Leap year 5K #241


That after 5K glow

I woke up feeling extremely tired, and just hoped to get through my run as painless as possible.  Almost as uncommon as leap year, is me running pain free.  However, I had a great run today. For the first time in a while, I had relatively no pain while running.

Today I decided to run after getting some much needed sleep and before my son’s basketball camp practice at 7pm.  I’ve tried running after his practice and before work and it is an extremely late/hard run.

Although I was running relatively slow, my heart rate was through the roof. An indicator of still need rest and sleep. But must keep pressing forward only 124 more days to go for a year straight of daily 5Ks.

I’m also on day 11 of my no oil, no dairy, Vegan lifestyle challenge.  I noticed in the beginning some weight loss.  Now I seem to be craving quite a bit more sugar than my Paleo lifestyle.


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An exhausting night 5K run #228


I should be sleeping….

Today was a very tiring day. Operating on about 2 hours of sleep since last night I headed out on my 228th consecutive 5K.  I really did not feel like running today and just wanted to get it over with.

My body felt all achy all over. But at some point I started to enjoying the run.  The night air felt extremely good.

I can promise you if it weren’t for this run streak, I would have been resting on my butt all day.  I just feel really exhausted at the end of my 5 consecutive nights working third shift.  The lack of sleep and the unnatural habit of working when I should be sleeping really takes it’s toll on me.


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Enter the next pain to deal with glute strain? #164 consecutive 5K

Ooh ouch ooh ouch could be a song today as I ran my 164th 5K.  I have officially developed some sort of glute injury that hurts with every step of my run.  How long will the pain last?  How long will it take to heal?  Will this last the remaining 201 days of my year of consecutive 5Ks?  I’m mentally prepared to endure the pain if that is the case.  I can barely sit at my desk without the sharp pain starting from my right glute and all the way down my hamstring.  I’ll address it with some acupuncture and massage therapy and see how it goes.

I did manage to work in a “dad’s basketball camp workout” with my son before my run.  It was a hectic day and I’m really feeling tired towards the end of my 5th night of 3rd shift work. #can’twaittosleepatnight


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Run thought day 161st 5K

Oftentimes when I run, I have creative and thought provoking ideas.

My thought while running today’s was……..What if you’ve never discovered your greatest talent? Try something new and out of your circle of comfort.

What if you are missing out on your greatest challenge because you haven’t tried anything new since high school?

Get out and discover all your gifts!

As a side note, I’ve developed a slight glute issue from running too fast.  Sigh, I wonder how long it will take to heal?  Better make another appointment to the Acupuncturist.


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