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An exhausting night 5K run #228


I should be sleeping….

Today was a very tiring day. Operating on about 2 hours of sleep since last night I headed out on my 228th consecutive 5K.  I really did not feel like running today and just wanted to get it over with.

My body felt all achy all over. But at some point I started to enjoying the run.  The night air felt extremely good.

I can promise you if it weren’t for this run streak, I would have been resting on my butt all day.  I just feel really exhausted at the end of my 5 consecutive nights working third shift.  The lack of sleep and the unnatural habit of working when I should be sleeping really takes it’s toll on me.


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A very long Saturday


a well deserved second place trophy


team photo


Amaya got to play where the Orlando Magic play

My Saturday actually started Friday night at 11pm as I had to work all night.  After work, I had to dash home, make breakfast and coach my son’s basketball YMCA team.  No Saturday morning Lucky’s Lake swim for me 😞.

After the game we did some running around, lunch etc.  Then I got to run my 162 consecutive 5K.  I have developed some sort of glute issue that is quite sore at the moment.  I must really concentrate on form as to not aggravate the muscle further.  Other than the glutes, I felt pretty good during my 5K run.  What I’ve learned when I’m tired or needing an extra boost, I choose a new route with new sights and sounds and things to distract me from running.

After my 5K run, it was time to get my daughter to her 4pm basketball game.  Her team won their first playoff game, so we got to stick around for the championship game at 7pm.

By the time I got home from all the days activities it was 8:30pm.  Just in time for an hour and a half sleep before heading into work at 11pm.  I’m really going to start focusing on my sleep.  I just don’t know what to cut out?  Sleep is one of the most important activities you can do for your health and longevity.

Although I was sleep deprived, it ended up being a great Saturday.



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