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#160th 5K and a lake swim


A beautiful morning swim


Tis the season



Nature in all its splendor


ducks hanging out on the dock


Taking in the sunrise

My morning started with a 1K swim across Lucky’s Lake. An absolutely beautiful morning for a swim. The water temp was 70.5 degrees. While chilly upon first entry, the water felt perfect after getting into a swim.
After getting the kiddies off to school, it was onwards to my 160th 5K!  It is amazing what a “good nights” sleep does for my energy levels. I felt a pep in my step and actually ran an additional mile. I also manage to post some respectable times on Strava.


An appropriate shirt for my 160th 5K



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Swim/Run/Basketball kind of day

A front view of Lucky's Lake house

A front view of Lucky’s Lake house

It was a busy morning after working all night.  First off was my usual Lucky’s Lake swim.  Water was a little choppy as there were quite a few swimmers out this morning.  I had a great swim and my times are on the upward swing after forgetting and then remembering hip rotation whilst swimming.

After the lake, it was on to my usual 5K run (now 29 consecutive days of 5Ks).  After spending most of the past week running over 10 minute miles, it was good to see a number 9 something time on my watch.  For some reason, I felt stronger than normal on the run today?

My hip flexor pain seems to be subsiding.  I also went back to my Brooks Pure Drifts that allow a more natural running style.  I really do enjoy running as close to barefoot as possible.  I chose the scenic route from Lucky’s to Universal Studios Portofino Hotel (yes, I know I’m spoiled living in Orlando).

After my run, I took my kids through one of Dad’s tough love basketball workouts.  LOL  They enjoyed the workout once they got over the realization that they weren’t going to chillax all day and do nothing.  I love days like today, where I get some me time and I also invest in my kids future.  A win-win kind of day!!


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