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Let’s go Lego 5K #335 (30 remain)

I can’t believe I only have 30 runs left. I wanted to run someplace I have never been before on this landmark day.  Legoland is the magical place I decided to go.

There were lots of cool photo ops. I didn’t go in the park itself, but the hotel and surrounding areas were nice.

I wound up running on some rolling hills which were not fun.

I was a bit tired at the end of my run, but the hills and heat took a toll. 335th 5K


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I cracked my iPhone 5K #326 (39 remaining)

My daughter Amaya has been sick and working hard on giving it to me. I’ve manage to fight off the germs so far. I’m wondering if all this running has made me almost bulletproof?  A couple of times during this run streak I’ve almost caught a few colds and flu symptoms. I’ll get a scratchy throat or runny nose, but the bug will never fully take ahold of me.

My run was good without much drama. My main struggle seems to be with boredom of running the same routes over and over again. #326th 5K


This is the turtle I saw 2 days ago, not so bulletproof

I did subscribe to YouTube Red, which allows me access to all my old childhood music and videos even with the screen off. My best running song today was one of my all time jams.  Mama used to say

At the very end of my run, I stop to take a selfie and my iPhone slips out of my hand cracking and scratching it up. Is there a worst feeling to dropping your phone??

Dropping my iphone while taking this pic, makes this one costly selfie (I did find 20 cents)

I like to keep my phone in a case, but take it out sometimes when I run as it fits easier in my waist belt without the case. Plus I like to have my phone ready for any photo ops that I might miss taking my phone out.

Oh well, what’s done is done. Onto my run in the 30’s remaining.


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Saved a turtle “Triday” and #371st 5K 

Today was a busy day. On the schedule today was my lake swim, kids to school, 5K run, bike ride, book fair, Baskeball camp and homework.

My lake swim was tough going out as I felt out of breath. However, coming back across the lake was much better as I warmed up and relaxed. Lucky’s lake #281

I practiced bilateral breathing again. I realized, I missed the balance feeling that breathing to both sides gives me. I could also watch the sunrise coming up as I breathed to my left. The sunrise was absolutely gorgeous crossing back. Sometimes I wish I could swim with a camera.

After doing my fatherly chores it was onto my 5K run. I chose to do my run before my bike ride as to not risk a DNF on my 5K after biking for an hour.

My run was good, I ran basically pain free. I tried to push it around the lake as my competitive juices got the best of me. #271st 5K
To complete my “Triday” all I had left was an hour bike ride. I’m limiting myself to an hour as to not risk injury or taxing my body too much for my daily 5K.

 The highlight of my ride was rescuing a turtle trying to cross one of the busiest streets in my area. This turtle was directly in my bike path.

Blessing number one was not crashing on my bike. If I didn’t see him and my front wheel hit his shell, that would have been disastrous for both of us.

Bike riding takes such extreme concentration as you never know what could jump in front of you. One second of loss focus could end your cycling career.
I had a lot of fun on my ride and enjoyed feeling the wind blow by me. Hour bike ride
It was nice not having to worry about going to work later in the night.


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Sunday funday #254 5k run

Decided to get my 5K run out of the way early today. After work, I took to the trail of one of my favorite run places Lake Baldwin Park.  Lake Baldwin Park has almost a 5K loop which is perfect for what I’m doing.

I love the energy, activity and vibe if this place. I find comfort in seeing other runners, cyclist and walkers out here with me.  I’m not alone missing out on sleep and television.  I stop way too much to take pics, and the views are awesome.

Although it didn’t feel like I was going that fast, but according to Strava I ran my fastest loop at the park.

This duck made me go around him #nofear


Needs no words


Why can’t all of life be this beautiful?



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Get out and vote 5K run day #256

Had a good run. Feeling a little out of my body right now. Like I’m here, but my mind is not with me.

The weather is starting to get hot especially when I run mid afternoon after my nap. I must remember to hydrate more. Maybe this is why the cramping is starting to occur? #256 5K




After my 5K run, I also remembered to get out and vote today. I made sure to take the kiddies with me, as I wanted to make sure I teach them the process. I don’t like mixing politics with business, so I’ll leave it right there.


Teaching the kiddies the voting process


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Amaya’s basketball championship run 5k #248

Today was filled with excitement as my daughter Amaya’s team was playing in their first playoff game as the number one seed and cluster regular season champions.  Watching her play is the highlight of my week.  She plays with such passion and energy that is contagious.

I definitely wanted to get my 5K out of the way as they would be playing the late 6:30 game on the other side of town.  I knew it would be very late, and that I’d be lucky to get an hours sleep after the game and long drive home.  If I still had to run a 5k when I got home, it would not be a good idea.

My 5K run was ok, started out slow but relatively pain free.  Still worrying about my knees, I’m really concentrating on perfect running form.  I have no room for sloppy run mechanics or “lazy” running.

I did check the mileage on my shoes and they are definitely are in need of replacing as they are well over 300 miles.


Amaya’s team, the Sunridge Lady Eagles won a close game and are onto the next round. A fast turnaround next game is Wednesday with a yet to be determined opponent.



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Lucky’s lake swim #375 and #246 5K

I live a busy and blessed life on Saturdays.  After working all night from 11pm to 7am , I drive to Lucky’s Lake for my morning swim.  No matter how tired I am, or rough my night was, I always swim in the lake.  The only exceptions have been when I’m coaching my son’s basketball team.  Luckily, my son’s game was not until 4:30pm.

Today, my swim started late as I assisted in interviewing some of the esteemed lake swimmers for a project.  Although a beautiful sunny day, the air was quite chilly in the low 40’s.  It was actually warmer in the water at 68 degrees.

The weather was not a deterrent, as we had a good turnout for such a chilly day.

After spending about two hours interviewing people, it was my time to swim on the lake.  Due to my late start, I really only had time for one crossing.  The first crossing was a little shaky as it had been a week since I last swam.  The swim back across the lake was much better as my body adjusted to swimming again.  Only 25 more crossings before reaching 400!

I’m still not swimming with a wetsuit and I feel my body is acclimated to the cooler waters now.

A quick soak in the hot tub and it was onto make breakfast for the kiddies.  After making breakfast, I was in a dilemma about trying to run or getting a nap in before my son’s game?

I was very tired, but realized that if I didn’t get my run in before coaching my son’s basketball game,  I would be at great risk of not completing my 5K.  I knew after the game would be awards ceremony, then post game meal celebration, which would leave me extremely tired on no sleep the night before.

These days I feel thankful to just completing my runs. I somehow managed to get faster with every mile during my run today, when I wondered how I would even complete it. I felt much better than I imagined in my mind before my run.

I am extremely worried about my knees these days, as they ache and throb even when I’m not running.  At day 246, I feel there is no way I can just decided to stop.  I’ve come way too far now to quit.  I’m praying that my knees can hold up.  Hoping to find some time to run on some trails and softer surfaces.  I know softer surfaces are out there, I just don’t have the time to drive to them.

My son’s team lost their game, but played really hard.  I guess in the end that’s all a coach can ask for out of 4th and 5th graders.  All in all a great day to be alive.


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