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Dave Tyler memorial 5K #303 (62 remaining)

I learned about Mr. Tyler’s passing through my good friend Wendell. I guess I hadn’t allowed myself to grieve when he told me about his funeral last night. Dave Tyler

I was procrastinating about running today. It actually took me almost 3 hours from the time I woke up, to the actual time I started my run. I couldn’t figure out what was causing me to procrastinate so badly? However, during my 5K run, I began to have thoughts of Mr. Tyler. I realized, I really hadn’t had a chance to process the news of his death.

As I thought about Coach Tyler I began to run just a little faster. These tired, sore legs gave one final push for Coach Tyler. 303rd 5K  Also during my run, I couldn’t help but to reflect on my life. Some of my successes and my failures. Life is too short to waste sitting on the sidelines.  Time to really step it up several notches.

Mr. Tyler was a very positive male role model in my life. He taught me how to drive a stick shift. This was a difficult feat on a car where the shifter was located on the steering column. I remember him being very patient with me as I grinded his transmission to dust.

The famed Duster

Coach Tyler  was one of the first coaches to teach me my beloved game of basketball. I remember him picking me up for the various games in different cities and all the practices in that ole reliable Dodge Duster.

Mr. Tyler had an infectious smile that was always warming to be around. I lost touch with him as an adult, but never forgot the positive influence he had on a young black man growing up in the 70’s.

Always giving of his time for the kids

I saw Coach last year delivering fruit to my mom’s house in Ohio.  I gave him a big hug and we talked fitness.   I didn’t know that would be the last time I’d see him.  I would have certainly requested more time to thank him for all he’s done for my life. Perhaps a lunch or something like that to catch up. How we always take next time for granted.

My heart goes out to his sons I balled with Kevin, Gary and David, and all his beloved family.



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70 days left! 5k day #295

After getting a good nights sleep, it was off to my ritualistic Lucky’s Lake swim. I’ve been listening to Tower 26 podcast regarding swim technique and improvement.
I highly recommend this podcast for any triathlete looking to improve their swim. I find the podcast very informative, funny and easily digestible. The podcast is kept short on purpose to give you just a few things to concentrate on whilst swimming.

Get your dog paddle instructions here

Even the turtles came out for a swim


For this swim, I focused on full arm downward extension in the front and faster underwater hand rate. The swim first crossing of the lake was rough, as it had been a week since swimming. Swimming is the one sport where you need frequency versus time in the water. For example, if you can swim 20 mins a day 3 times a week versus 75 minutes once a week. Choose the 20 minutes for 3X a week for better improvement.
I’m trying to mix in something different and fun to supplement my running, so I’m trying Zumba. I think sometimes it’s good to confuse the body with some new moves and a totally different exercise or sport.



A friendly gator keeping me company around the lake during my run

My run started off ok , then I began to experience some right hip pain. My pace started off fast and finished slow once my hip started to bother me. My back is much stiffer than it has been in a long time. I need to spend more time treating my muscles, massage and recovery.


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Going Vegan day 5 mac and cheese 5K Day #233

Today I made my most daring dish yet and that is Mac and cheese. My old favorite without using butter or cheese. That’s right, no dairy at all or any oils either.

I was delighted to find out that I really enjoyed the vegan creation. The “cheese” sauce was made out of white potatoes, sweet potatoes and various herbs and spices. I didn’t dare tell the kids lest they be turned off without even trying my dish.

My son Amante’s reaction was, “OMG, dad the Mac and cheese was awesome”.   Can I take some in my lunch? My daughter Amaya’s response was even more valuable as someone who has been able to enjoy “regular” Mac and cheese. Her response was ” I was prepping myself to have to choke down this plate of nastiness, when all of a sudden I thought I’d died and went to heaven. LOL  So I guess my second dish was a success! I’ll be adding it to the regular meal rotation for such. We also had the “cheese” sauce over broccoli.

After lunch/dinner it was onto my daily 5K consecutive day #233!! I’m not going to lie, I’m so tired of running 5Ks. I want to run longer distances or do some other activities.
Unfortunately, my limited time as a single parent working 3rd shift and coaching my son’s basketball team leaves me little time for more than one activity most days.  Which of course must be running my 5K.

I was concerned about my right knee after hearing a pop sound and almost falling to my knees. I wondered how it would hold up for this run?  I ran with a soft brace and I took it as easy as I could.  I was able to finish with relatively no issues other than the ongoing right glute/hamstring issues.


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Mini Sprint Triathlon day

Busy day starts with a chilly 1000 meter swim (no wetsuit). It’s funny the warmer the outside air is (70ish), the colder the water feels (60). Although the water was 2 degrees warmer than two days ago, it felt 15 degrees colder due to the much warmer outside air (from 39 to 70 degrees).

For today’s swim, I had a great surprise visit by my good friend Sincy! I’m still amazed at my once shy/reluctant swimmer friend came out to swim in such cold waters.  Not only did he brave the cold water, he kept right on my heels all the way across and I had to be on my game to keep up with him on the way back.  Way to go Sincy!!!

In addition to Sincy coming out for a cameo appearance, I met some amazing people from Daytona and Michigan too.

Luckys lake 372

My good friend and now expert swimmer Sincy

After my swim it was onto my 5K #225 in a row. I found a new trail almost across the street from the lake.  My run felt great as I have no idea what my pace was or anything.  I was just determined to run by feel and to take it easy.  I can’t emphasize enough how enjoyable running a new route is.  All my senses seem to come alive as I look for new pictures to take, learn about new areas and just take in all the sights and sounds of someplace new.

As a last minute decision I decided to hop on my bike for an hour leisure ride.  I remembered my commitment to ride my bike at least an hour or more a week.  Due to my son’s late basketball game (5:30pm), I was able to get one more exercise in.  I just really love riding on my bike.

bike ride

I loved the energy of this Abe Lincoln

With my cancer scare, I’m really not taking anything for granted. Enjoy life while you have it to live. No one (not even me) is promised tomorrow.


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Colon Cancer Scare 5K Run day #225

Savoring my ability to run

Today was an emotional day for me.  I’ve been keeping a very personal issue private for several months.  I have been having sporadic rectal bleeding and didn’t know why?  I had been trying to correlate this bleeding to something I ate but couldn’t.  I am one of those weird people that examine my stool on a daily basis.  I don’t touch it or anything, but I don’t just flush and forget  it either.  So to have some blood in the toilet is a very unnerving ordeal.

Then all of a sudden the bleeding increased in volume and frequency.  This increase in bleeding really scared me and I could no longer ignore what was going on.  I began to start thinking I had colon cancer and I began to cry.  I looked up colon cancer on WebMD and I had a few of the symptoms but not all of them.  The symptoms I’m having are of course bleeding and the other is my age of 50 and sex of being a male.  None of the other markers fit, like pain, lethargy, etc.  But, once I had the idea that I had colon cancer in my head, I began to think some very dark thoughts.


Sorry for the graphic image, but posting to help others that may be suffering

I headed out for my run as I worked my way through the tears and sadness.  I felt a strange energy as I ran and had my best time outside under the 10min/mile time in a long while.

I gave a desperate text to my friends at Lake Cane and they suggested that it might be hemorrhoids instead.  The reason being the color was bright red versus dark  brown, when I went to the bathroom, it felt like I was never quite finished, not enough fiber in my diet, too low carb, the blood was mucousy and streaky.  When I researched and read the symptoms of hemorrhoids it felt much better to me and I immediately cheered up.

My good friend Sincy, who sadly lost his dad to colon cancer, still insisted that I make an appointment to go get checked out to verify what’s going on.  My appointment is this Tuesday February 16th at 9:30am.  I’m feeling confident that I just have hemorrhoids and not colon cancer.  The bad news, from what I’ve been able to research is the only way to get rid of hemorrhoids is surgery.  I’m sure surgery won’t be any fun, but it’s a far cry from having colon cancer.  The hemorrhoid surgery will put my run streak in some serious jeopardy.  I wonder how long one can suffer with hemorrhoids and not risk their health?


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A new route, new sights and sounds 5K #219


Something majestic about this tree


Enjoying the sun and crisp 55degree air

Today I decided to break things up and run a different route. As I’ve stated before, I get a big boost of energy from running someplace new. A new route takes new alertness to avoid any unforeseen potholes, uneven sidewalks etc. Plus all the new visual stimulation allows my mind a certain level of distraction.  Being distracted just seems to make the run go by really fast.  The weather was a bit chilly at 55 degrees, but the sun was shining so I was still a happy runner.  I didn’t really think about my injuries too much, but also didn’t want to push the pace and risk it.



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Life balance 5K run #215 & Lake Swim #367


With all this 5K run concentration, my other disciplines such as bike, weights, and swim drills have been suffering.  Due to my worry about over taxing my body with a daily 5K run I have been putting off the other things I love to do.

Well today I’m making the decision to get back on the bike, weight training and getting to the pool to do my swim drills.  I will still use the lake for my distance swim work, mainly because I think it’s important to keep a balance between loving what you do and getting good training in.

So today my training started with my usual Lucky’s Lake crossing.  Due to having to get the kids ready for school, I can only do one crossing.  I never seem to warmup properly and my first 500 meter crossing is stop and go with some elevated heart rate.  Once I’m warmed up however, my breathing settles down and I’m able to swim much more relaxed.  I love looking at the sunrise as I’m swimming across the lake.

As far as my run went today, I’m still experiencing some discomfort in my left hamstring and glute.  No matter how much treatment I get on it, it seems to only offer temporary relief.  The pain as suspected comes right back the next day.




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